U mad religion?

U mad religion?
Uploaded on Nov 21, 2010

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@#11344 yup.

just adetail. thats not reincarnation, thats reviving.
you reincarnate in somebody else, not return from death.
-make voodoo to yourself
-become a zombie
but if youre dead you wont get the monies...
i leave the idea, trolls find how to profits from being zombie


i came

I thought whenever you reincarnate you lose all memory of your past life

Epic lulzz

you may not even reincarnate into the same species

everybody jelly above and below this lines. PROBLEM?


Gandhi was a muslim.

Yes, me mad.

im useing this on a dsi so i cant login with my account

@#48362 Okay, then just write yourself a note saying all the insurance details.

how will you get b@ck 2 life

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