Flying Niqqa

Flying Niqqa
Uploaded on Feb 22, 2020

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First! Safety. U jelly mortals?

Niggas be like: I ain't even high.

Gely. is not dead. As the last of the oldfags, I claim that while i am alive, this website will be as well.

Dem niggaz got swag.

So I been on /pol/ alot and they say it's over. I love you all even Pedro. You're still a fag tho

@#101508 Thanks mah ni**a!

Is it true that Pedro has Corona?

Says trolling is fun. Gets butthurt when encountering trolls.

@#101512 Nope, I am the master of puppets behind Corona. It is the end of the times as you mortals know it. Only the worthy and good ones shall survive and claim their place in the paradise on Earth. Spoiler: you're not one of them coz ur just a motherf*cking n*gga!

Remember when y'all were calling out dubs and trips? That was 2 years ago. Man do we all feel old.

@#101516 shut up faggot I've been here for about six years at least
I admit, I have shit posted under many names

@#101517 Shut up nigga. ur newfag

imagine being this new

White nigga

@#101554 You are a newfag.

Niggas please. I am the oldfaggest, i been here since 2011.

new fag who this

I am the GOD of trollscience. Bow down before me peasants!

@#101559 OMG what are you still doing here. Don't you have the chink flu? Go away

@#101560 Of course not, because GODS do not get sick. You jelly? I am a god ass n*gga, you are just a young ass n*gga.

@#101560 I know you are a Rap Nigga. You cant fool me ni**a!!

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