we all know this one

we all know this one
Uploaded on Jan 30, 2020
Uploader: Sandwich

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*looks back nine years*

Safety. First! I am the god of trollscience, bow down before me peasants!

I got that nigga swag.

Reminder that Pedro is the biggest faggot ever and posts in sissy trap threads on 4chan

@#101452 I don't go to 4chan. U jelly? I am a god and ur just a young nxgga. Respect me.

Old but... nah its just old.

Daily reminder that i am the god of this domain.

@#101456 you're not tho

@#101457 Ur jelly cause im a god, and u are just a Young N*gga.

I am a rich ass ni##a, y'all are just bitch ass n-ggas.

Niggas be like: i aint never buying gas again!

@#101459 oh man your such a cuck

@#101461 I am a god, and you are just a Young Nxgga. Bow down before my divinity.

who the fuck still uses this website

@#101464 Shut up, young ass n*gga. I bet you werent even here in 2011. I am the king of this domain.

@#101465 You're an absolute cuckold cock gobbler, you've been here since about last year. Fuck off I know all. You probably suck cock all day long faggot. Don't ever come to Burger king

@#101466 Shut up broke ass ni**a. I been here since the very beginning in 2011. Ur just jelly of my divinity coz ur a newfriend.

Never let no nigga tell ya what to do.

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