Survive a Fall with Just Your Body

Survive a Fall with Just Your Body
Uploaded on Dec 29, 2019
Uploader: TrollSciFan

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Glad to see that Troll Science is finally becoming Troll Science again.

@#101372 Yes, thanks to me. :)

Niggas be like: free skydiving.

Image though being someone's sissy shut in. Living under your master bed in a cage and let out to suck cock and get rammed by it and discarded back to your cage.
It's interesting that such live this way. I'm not interested myself though I promise. Just saying that there are some that get bent over, wearing girls clothes and get fucked hard in the ass and find pleasure and then cum out thier dick involuntarily.
Reminder I'm not gay and have fucked over 100 women

@#101375 Fuck you nigga. I am the real Pedro, none can impersonate teh GOD of trollscience.

It ain't easy to be a nigga.


Jelly shield activated! Also, I'm butter, not jelly.

The gay fox comic is the best

The earth is not a globe

@#101385 The earth is not a plate either.

@#101376 ignore this fsggot, my first comment about traps is really me

Also I'm definitely NOT gay

I'm just a little bit prison gay but it's still not gay

Lads, just got fucked my a man but it was alright. I didn't cum but I fapped after to the memory.
From my understanding I'm not gay because we didn't kiss, I didn't suck his dick and balls DID touch but by accident.

@#101391 You are a nigga. I am impersonateproof, i am the god of this domain.

Lol any of you old bros remember KFC nigga? Lol he was such a fag

I used to be a firm believer, that if you fapped, you were in fact gay. I still somewhat believe this, but my attention has now turned elsewhere
>if you have the ability to suck your own dick, this is gay and probably the gayest thing you could ever do.
Let me explain, if you fap normally, you are doing so to something else, I.e porn, that grill in work/college etc. Your thoughts are wih banging that grill or doing something else to her, your thoughts are not about rubbing a dick (they mght be, and in that case you're obviously a fag.
>b-but surly a dick in the hand is a gay as a dick in the mouth
I suppose you could argue this, but when you are sucking your own dick, it would be quite hard to be looking at porn when you fully attention to with the dick in your mouth, and the position you are in. Also you have obviosuly trained yourself to be able to bend that way, so the thought of sucking a cock has been on your mind for some time to go to those lengths.
Some will argue that when they doing it, they imagining Stacey sucking it.
Good point, when I fap normally. I don't think about the fact it's a girl doing it, I'm normally fapping to lesbian porn, which is what any straight man normally does (not men allowed etc).
Again,the biggest point is that people who can do it have trained thier bodies to do it as they long for cock in mouth
Also penis

I Wana cum in my ass oh yeah cum in my ass oh shit yeah make it nice ohyeah

Don't even try to resist the cock. The cock will always win, and if you resist, it will just have it's way with you harder. Also penis

Niggaz Wit Attitude

@#101397 you mad bro or something?
I'll top you

@#101398 I aint mad.

If you have no prospects of changing your life, and want everyone to clean up your mess, and keep doing wrong and won't change, you are a nigga.

@#101399 you sound mad bro


@#101407 dumb faggot I'll top you hard

@#101408 Lol you've been trolled nigga.

Some niggas smoke smoke, some niggas drink drank.

@#101409 watch your mouth son

@#101410 Fuck you bitch nigga. Ain't no nigga gon' tell me what to do.

Bobby Shmurda is a nigga.

If you don't read every day, you are a nigga.

Oh man I just went to my local seven eleven and it was a comfy visit. I got a Dr pepper there was a guy trying to get inside the freezer and there was a crack head trying to hump the coffee machine. Can't wait to go back tomorrow for another visit and this time I will use all of the facilities

Fuck them otha niggas

@#101419 no fuck you? In the ass

@#101420 I fucked your sister. Umad?

@#101422 LOL you can lie all you want lol I don't even have a sister OMG how dumb are you.
If you are ever if Burger King and you think your straw smells funny then you know you'll been trolled by me fuck you hahahha

@#101423 U gave me a 3 line response tho. Enjoy ur butthurt.

Y'all n*ggas should just shut up and bow down before me, for i am the KING of this domain!!

Y'all n*ggas should just shut up and bow down before me, for i am the KING of this domain!!

@#101426 hahahaha idiot can't even spell bus own name

@#101426 don't even try flag the old comment, I've taken a screenshot

@#101424 lol shut up you dumb faggot. You sound like a pussy. Can't even give me a proper response. Come to Burger King now and show me your penis and how much of a man you are

@#101427 Ni**a quit being mad and start worshipping me. I am the GOD of trollscience.

@#101430 you're nothing but a jewbook faggot. Go back to Facebook you faggot. Everyone knows your the biggest sissy trap here. Like I said come Burger King and I'll show you

There's a theory, that, if you go back in time while erect, you will still have that erection upon arrival in the past

@#101432 Nxgga i am a god. Bow down before my majesty.

@#101434 lol you're a faggot I'd stomp you in the seven 11 when you getting your hot dog

N*gga shield! Also, brotip: Use magnets for faster climbing.

@#101435 Nixxa please. I am a god, gods do not eat food. Now worship my highness.

@#101437 I saw you there once faggot you bought five hot dogs and your shorts fell down because you're fat LMAO. And you were sweating because you walked ten meters from your car to the shop. Lol it's a good thing this wasn't after these messages because I would have stomped on you

@#101438 N***a please. As a divinity, i have no physical body. Bow down before me!

@#101439 you were fat and smelled funny

@#101440 I am a god, you are just a nigg@. Are you gely? Yes, you gely.

I might regret this, but vote anyway:

@#101441 stop fapping to tranny porn you faggot. I hear you fap over the thought of being the topee. Haha faggot. At least Burger King makes really nice Burger hahah

@#101447 No i do not masturbate. Gods do not do that. And you are just a young n*gga, respect my divinity!

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