The True Shape of the Earth

The True Shape of the Earth
Uploaded on Dec 19, 2019

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As an astrophysicist, I can confirm that this is true.

I always thought that the Earth is a horse. Turns out I was right.

Yeah nigga SWAG

What about the other planets? Are they also horses like how the Earth is?

Geez, will Troll Science ever be revived?

@#101346 Just make a Troll Science comic yourself and then upload it to this site. How hard is that?

I am the GOD of trollscience. U mirin' niggas? U jelly?

The Earth is legit flat tho

@#101351 you're a dumb new fag

@#101356 Nope, I been here since 2011. You butthurt, nigga? Bow down before the king of TROLLSCIENCE!!

@#101355 You are retarded for someone named Truth, get a life.

@#101358 LOL. Fucking NASA shill. Seriously friend open your eyes.
Show me a true picture of curvature. You'll probably show me something with fish eye lens. Fucking sheep

Sup niggas.

The best comic is the gay fox two comics ago

No one commented on Christmas day
Son I disappointed

@#101349 Well, I WAS planning to do that at some point, like later today. :)

@#101349 Done! The comic is in the moderation queue, so it'll take some time for it to show up on the homepage.

@#101364 upvoted and approved my man

@#101359 Have you ever considered the fact that anything larger than 100 km in diameter will happen to be thicc?

@#101366 Thanks! I appreciate your support.

Niggas be like: I'm on a horse.

Not surprised that America is on the Earth's face.

Now I want to bust a nut in the Earth, I can't resist it's thiccness.

I now have a crush on the Earth.

I now have a crush on the Earth.

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