Infinite nothing. You will go bankrupt!

Infinite nothing. You will go bankrupt!
Uploaded on Aug 8, 2019

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@#101000 Nah, fuck you, biatch! You have no shwoopy loopy.

you're always travelling forward in time

I'm proud to be a nigga.

The Official Troll Science Checklist!
Loopy Shwoopy Arms: YES
Magnets: NO
Trollface: YES
Rating: 7.5/10 It's fine.

Guy at end: Okay. D':}
Cereal guy at end: Heck yeah. |:)

@#101112 ...

Troll face: Yes
Magnets: None
Schwoopy loopy arms: Yes
Idea doesn't work: Yes (but it was explained)
Idea is still interesting: This "time travel" has been used to death.
Rating: 2.5/5
Comments: I still got a few laughs out of this comic.
(I found this checklist and wanted to use it myself. All credit goes to the respective owners.)

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