Ice Cream Prank

Ice Cream Prank
Uploaded on Apr 25, 2019

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First! Safety! U jelly?

anyone under this line is jelly

no more jelly.

Pedro Silveira is always first, and is immune to all jelly effects.
You mirin? Yeah u mirin.

I'm back everyone. Been away for about half a year or so
anyway, I'm back for shitposting and lols. Anyone wanna join me at r9k you can also or SP thanks

@#100848 gely

This is 2019. Pedro Silvera has autism. ALL OF YOU HAVE AUTISM

Pedro defo has autism. Troll Science is dead

@#100859 gely
@#100860 gely

You are all going to become sissy bottoms. Mark my words.

@#100862 gely

everybody above this line is jelly bitch
also i like penis

@#100866 gely

It won't be long. Won't be long untill you have my dick in your mouth sucking it good because I'm your master topper. You be crawling naked and lusting for my cock.
You'll watch nothing but sissy trap faggot videos and it will make you lust more. Also you drink nothing but soy and become faggot for me

@#100870 gely

@#100871 Pedro you are next on my list. Prepare anus and mouth as they will be experiencing the girth of my cock.

@#100872 gely

By the way, I am still first!
You jelly, niggas? You mirin?

@#100875 you think I'm lying huh?

@#100881 gely

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