infinite money

infinite money
Uploaded on Feb 16, 2019

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First! You jelly, bro?
Also safety.

By the way, the first two panels are the same from "Problem, superman? U jelly?".

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@#100785 gely

@#100785 You gely? Butthurt bitch!

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I am the real Pedro Silveira.
#100785 is a jelly troll.

I'm jelly.

@#100794 Who says I'm gay jellyfag? Just cuz I love penis? Why does everything has to be about sex? I might just like penis as an object stupidfag. Do you like cars? Because if you do, you must be sexually attracted to them, stick it in their exhaust pipes yes! Problem certainly-not-a-female-annoying-fish-fag? Oneelevenblahblahimsofunny
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@#100803 U butthurt bro?

I am back! Problem racists?

There are 14 posted comments before mine. This means i am number 15 but 15>14 so i win the race who is posting first. Problem?

The bank is jelly

U turned the bank to jelly.

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