The Time Travel Theory

The Time Travel Theory
Uploaded on Aug 25, 2018
Uploader: trollmctroll

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That makes sense.

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That troll guy looks like he doesn't feel so good ;)

I like that Trollface when he was decaying.

I don't understand.

OOOOH YESSS thiz comic just Gave mE the OOHhhh hhh beSt Ogransm in mOuy fiskung lifke esee i cnta vnen rite koogohohohohhh yessss baby ohhhhhhh OOhhHHHHHHoohhHHhhHh!HH!!H!H!!!!oen!!!!icantevenspelloneproperly!!!!!!11!!

The trollface is strong with this one.

Funny, to be exact.

Dubs....Once again. Had to restart my record again because of another person claiming the previous dubs.



jan pi pilin pona o, o pini toki pi palisa mije (mi toki e toki pona)


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