u jelly

u jelly
Uploaded on Sep 24, 2018
Uploader: Trollmaster9

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Who Jelly?

It was mistyand fresh. I made a fresh cup of coffee and the previous one had gone slightly cold. It was at this point I noticed the atmosphere change. My personal penis didn't feel the same. Several peni appeared in the bathroom and plotted the way the morning would turn out. They ravaged me but slow. When I was able to get back to my coffee it was cold again because of the peni but I didn't mind too much and made another pot. This time I left the bathroom extractor fan on to ensure the penis would be become Confused if they reppeared

Jelly line.

llllllllllll Jelly bunker!! llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

if i eat the jelly will i still be jelly?

@#100551 no. Double negative so you'll become not jelly

If I eat the jelly, then i will be jelly cuz you are what you eat. Luckily, TS has magnets to counter this, so I can eat all the yummy jelly.

You're all gay


Slurping cocks is my game

@#100563 gely

If you see a pineapotato enemy, reply to their comments with 'gely'

Or better yet, with ROFLS!
Nothing can beat the roflcopter.

You jely?

Oh, i got a perfect opportunity to get dubs! Here I come!

I got dubs!
Gely and Jelly shield to block the butthurt and mad people

This website is dead. It used to have tons of commenters.


Yes, this is a pic of a solar panel.

I used to enjoy it more here when pineapple flowers would administrator nice clean fresh blowys.
I'm not gay. I can confirm that for sure, but of it's a nice comfy day where the rain trickles outside and you have good adequate drainage, then why not? Just a slow suck was a good start to a neet day.
Remember lads, cherish your penis. It doesn't matter who sucks it as long as you have a comfy feel.
Where is cancee these days? He was one who admired the penis worth true strength and meaning. These new cum lords need to leave and go back to 9gag. Stay away from r9k too you faggots.
If you check the archives you'll see I'm not a new faggot. You guys are faggots so that's that.
If you are under 18 please don't read this mail. Leave and go back to school

I admit, you did get me interested in that stuff.

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@#100585 please administer one blow job please to me penis

They only sell Trollscience golds, no blowjobs... unfortunately.

Why the fuck are all of you still on this website?

I'm just passing by to see how my people are doing.

@#100589 fuck off nigger

@#100590 You mad, peasant? *trollface*

It’s almost Halloween.

I see that the Admin posted a comment in the previous comic.
Also updated the front page, " Big things COMING SOON".
I wonder what it will be?
Ps: I have swag, you jelly?

I am a successful troll. U jelly?

Nobody comes here anymore. *le sigh*

Hi guys, how do I stop being a sissy bottom faggot? Been one for five years now. I sleep in a cupboard. My master is nice most of the time but sometimes hits me. I get fucked in the ass alot, sometimes I don't enjoy it.
I never want for anything. My master feeds me and let's me browse the internet for a few hours. It's a comfy lifestyle as I normally enjoy the humiliation and gay stuff.
I wanna get a job now and my own place. How do I get out?

Hey guys, Peter Griffin from Family Guy here. Now, this meme is really epic. It took me a while to finally understand the joke, but I got it! This joke is funny because the title says "u jelly", which is meant to be short for "Are you jealous?", but the picture is of literal jelly! Most people call it Jell-O, but that name is the sole property of Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Epic joke, Trollmaster9!

@#100611 gely

Trollscience is now a dead meme! And now, I quit my job working for pineapples and now I am my own self again.

@#100620 gely

@#100622 shut the fuck up..I own you. What are you fucking talking to people here. Im going to make you pay. You don't know it yet. How dare you tell people about your living arrangements. You are going to lick my ass and suck my cock for at least an hour each. Also goodbye to your day off at Christmas. You are getting fucked up as well.

@#100622 I'm so fucking angry. This is evidence here you used the internet outside of the allowed time. I'm ordering those super strong Viagra. It means I won't cum for at least an hour and a half. Your throat is going to be so fucked when I'm done with it. And you won't be able to walk. I'm also looking you on the sissy room for a week. nothing by soy products and sissy hypno videos for you boy.

look at http://trollscience.com/troll/view/109
at the bottom of the comments, Trollmaster9 is the one who got the 100000th comment! That gely troll!

Oh and btw, I am not a pineapotato enemy, I just quit because there is no more work to do and I accomplished everything there is to accomplish.

@#100646 gely
@#100647 gely

Wow. 2018 is almost ending

@#100658 gely

Its 2019! Nobodys here to celebrate. You are all busy being trolls, i see.

Where are the big things that the admin promised?

Just wait and see.... or maybe admin could be trolling us and making us more butthurt for each passing day.

@#100705 Gely.

Its been almost a decade since this site launched.

@#100716 Gely.

We want to make 2019 a better year than 2018, considering 2018 is full of butt-hurt, trash talking, and cruelty.

Also, 2018 has gamers that say they spent the night with their mom after you beat them in a game. (The Game reference!)

@#100719 I mean your, not their.

@#100718 gely

I'm glad I survived through all of this. Now it's 2019, and i'm looking forward to it. I hope humanity survives. Go Humans!

You are all still going, even though TS is dead. (So is CookieMaster99, after the trollscientist named DornBB banished him.)

@#100547 gely

@#100728 Yep, I kicked that butthurt bitch away from here.
By the wai I am the last of the oldfags, and surely miss the good ol' times when being the firstfag would be a great accomplishment. When we had 15 new comics a day. Sigh.

@#100740 I miss you too BB

@#100753 I miss both of you

I AM Jelly.

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