(REUP) Make primates (and humans) cease to exist!

(REUP) Make primates (and humans) cease to exist!
Uploaded on Sep 3, 2018
Uploader: trollmctroll

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For months now, I've wanted to poop into a girls ass and have her poop the poop back into mine.
This fascination started about 3 months ago when someone linked me to a clip about it.
I asked on craiglist to see if anyone was interested, but I got no replies, so I had to find another way.
I've hired a prostitute. I'm not proud of it, but my need is great.

@#100457 Years ago, I thought i saw a bird on the other side of the street poop and the thing went in the air and another bird caught it in it's butt.

By killing the ape, you killed 7 billion people. 7.4 billion to be exact.
(Also the person of TS will die when you kill the ape)

The comic says you need a flamethrower but the flamethrower was never used.

Why no more anything? More like no more animals. Plants will still be there!

@#100461 Actually, the plants will still die. Plants usually take in carbon dioxide and take out oxygen. Humans and animals breathe out carbon dioxide. Without humans to breathe out, plants will not survive. (There was a huge amount of carbon dioxide when the earth began, but the plants must've consumed all of it by then.)

except... plants produce carbon dioxide during the night

Existence is now jelly.

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