Need Cash Quick? Use Legos!

Need Cash Quick? Use Legos!
Uploaded on Aug 19, 2018
Uploader: trollmctroll

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let's see what idiotic comments i will get this time

When you break something up and rearrange it, there will always be some extra part that is always there.

Autism: Enjoying memes dead

Everyone above this line is autistic.
<Me in Bunker; the name written below is a hologram>
Everyone below this line is autistic.

Stop mocking me!



Troll face: Yes
Magnets: Yes
Schwoopy loopy arms: Nope (not even close)
Idea doesn't work: Yes
Idea is still interesting: Yes
Rating: 4/5
Comments: My bare feet will soon meet their worst fate.
(I found this checklist and wanted to use it myself. All credit goes to the respective owners.)

Everyone above this line is gay.
Bottom line is a shield to reflect the gay coming from below.

everyone above and below my magic shields is jelly,gay and all the other stuff

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