Wall logic

Wall logic
Uploaded on Aug 14, 2018
Uploader: Pineapotato

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First! Safety! Jelly? *trollface*

@#100355 You forgot to mention you have dubs. Since you didn't call it, can i call it and keep the dubs?

Oh, and that face up there in the third panel with the large brain is disturbing to me. It looks more like a mask or a poptart than an actual brain.

This isnt fucking trollscience.

@#100366 This is a meme, i agree, this is not trololol science. Yet the creator actually made 3 of those.

Everyone below this line is jelly
And my name is not below the line, so i am not jelly.

|*U jelly?*|=========[]*BANG!*----------:D
I got a tank. You so jelly of it. I can destroy that jelly line and kill Pedro's army as well.

|*U jelly?*|=========[]*BANG!*----------:D
Another of my tanks. Armies will go bankrupt! (except us)

Good news Skai! Look at your profile (http://trollscience.com/troll/profile/2947.) You can see that most of your comics got approved.
Then look at Trollmaster9's profile (http://trollscience.com/troll/profile/2939) You will see all his comics are either in moderation or not approved. Not a single one of his comics or memes were approved.

@#100378 My army is an army of angels, they are infinite and invincible!!

@#100381 Wait, since you and your army are both invincible, does that mean you have the same amount of power as them?

I have chased you through the ends of the earth! And I still cannot beat you!

I admit: I kinda give up the trolling. You showed that you are the one who is the better man. I might have to go back to my original form: the inferior Mr.Flowers.
P.S. But we still have The Game. And I lost The Game by posting this.
Ad Space! Now you fricked up GumGum! You lost The Game and went bankrupt! You jelly? *trollface*

Trollscience is a very unforgiving place.

Just suck it all up and move on.

@#100386 I guess you are right.

I got dubs! You mad?

Now we don’t have a topic to talk about. I have nothing to say.


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