Enemies, u jel?

Enemies, u jel?
Uploaded on Jun 27, 2018
Uploader: Pineapotato

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First, safety! U jelly!

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All non-pineapples above the line do not exist and are jelly! Everything firstest!

@#99127 I can't be jelly if I do not exist.
Also, applying troll logic, if I do not exist then I am nobody. It is known that nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect! Problems?

By proving you are perfect, you also contradicted the saying "Nobody is perfect" That is because since nobody is perfect, you are perfect, that means someone is perfect, meaning that the saying "Nobody is Perfect" is wrong because someone is perfect, and that is a person named Nobody(Pedro).

It is a great success to be #99999. Once it comes, I will try to get that title and get quints. Also, #99999 is the greatest number that has 5 digits (no decimals), and because @#99999 is the greatest number, that means the person who claims it is the greatest of them all. Keep commenting!

@#99128 No, you can just have jelly on the spot you disappeared.

@#99131 But since he is non-existent, does that mean that the jelly passes through him?

Pedro Silva is a massive cock slurping fag
He watches hypno sissy porn videos
He wants to be the sissy boy that gets his ass doninated by a massive cock

@#99130 you guys should come to r9k. We could start a thread.

@#99130 Actually, #100000 is a greater achievment. Don't ask me why, but when we have two big sequences in a row, the 000 one is more hyped.

If you search "Pineapotato" on google, then scroll down, you can find my trollscience account.

@#99139 it's funny because in a weeks time you'll be sucking my cock and thinking back to this comment and thinking oh wow how did I actually end up sucking his cock.

@#99139 Fascinating! I thought there would be millions of results for such common word. But you are at the top!

I took a quiz of ten questions at gotoquiz.com.
The topic was are you a pineapple, a potato, a pineapotato, or a person.
The results say I was actually a pineapotato.
So I am changing my name.

@#99143 You had the perfect opportunity to get dubs, but you wasted it! And so did I.

@#99145 Lets just focus on getting #99999 and #100000.

@#99146 Ok. 1 less to go!

And 1 less to go. Keep it up everyone.

One less to go. Everyone, you can repeat with me!

One less to the #99999 title. Do what @#99149 and @#99146 said.

And now one less to go. I have a feeling this is gonna take months.

It's was a frosty Saturday morning. The steam bellowed from the vent, the cosyness confirmed. A McDonald breakfast was acquired. A man stood outside in the garden, looking in at me. Everytime I took a bite of that mcmuffin, the man would seem excited and start to unzip. He unleashed a large penis and started to rub it on upon my window pane. I decided to fast from then on. This man obviously had a sexual desire to watch people eat. I was on day four of my fast, the man seem agitated and horney, but mostly weak. I started to fap myself, and this engraged this man beyond belief. He was furious, beyond reasoning.  He eventually left. And when he did, I finished the mcmuffin from the start of the story.

I used to work at famous chicken establishment. I like to cum in chicken batter, and fart on the fries I like to give people diet coke when they ask for normal coke. I insert straw in my anus and get my colleague to blow on the staw. I put the straw back for the customers use. A different customer once told me, your soda tastes like fart I said no Sir, you should stop rimming your dog

I am the king of this domain

I think I just got dubs. Could be wrong tho.

@#99155 I got dubs! Also, bit closer to 100k.

Saved this spot for ya. Now that is one less comment to go.

This is definitely gonna take months. But it would be exciting to see #100000. You know, all this hard work with the previous comics, we need to finish the job!

@#99158 Yep. All the trollscientists from 2010 and above commented and commented and allowed us to go to where we are now. We must not disappoint them. Lets go and achieve the Trollscience goal of reaching comment #100000!

Contributing again.

That looks moar liek peptobismol then jelly kthxbye

@#100828 *Eats peptobismol*

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