How to gain muns!

How to gain muns!
Uploaded on Jun 17, 2018
Uploader: Pineapotato

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Pineapotato! Three of your comics got approved! Congratulations!
I am second cause I want Pineapotato to be first!

@#98972 You want her to be first but she is not here on time, and since u are second, I am first, u jelly? *trollface*

@#98975 Well this is her comic and let her be first since she spent time making this comic and went a lot through moderation to get the comic on the TS page. *supriseface with his hands up to his face*
BTW People after second are third, and since I am second and you commented after me, you are third! You Jelly? *lolface
Ad Space: GumGum is also jelly.

Safety first, also the game first!

Also, if you look carefully, you can see the shwoopy loopy arms on the last panel read in cursive, "U jelly?"

@#98980 I am pretty sure everyone would see it.

@#98980 You just lost da game. Jelly? *trollface*

And by the way, check my dubs!

@#98984 Pineapples control the game, so we decide who loses and who wins. That is because the leader Pineapotato ate TheGame by baking it into a cake and eating it. Now she is TheGame and she will not lose cause she is TheGame!
Ad Space: GumGum lost the game.

Hmmm... look at Pedro’s Facebook comment. He is showing humbleness and sympathy, like in my comment. Why does he always copy my comment whenever I am first in the domain?

@#98990 idk

@#98990 No, you copied my comment. Becaue I am above you. Are you jelly of my irrefutable logic?

@#98992 It’s all about the timing of your comment, not if you are at the top! If TS had no Facebook section, then being at the top matters. But since there is a Facebook section, then people could cheat by commenting last on a Facebook section and go on the top. So therefore, we can’t use the top to determine who is first.

@#98993 You're right. I saw Pineapple Flowers' comment before the facebook comment Pedro made was there. Pedro copied Pineapple. The end.

@#98992 Also, you said you were second and wanted me first anyway lol

@#98996 LIES!!

@#99010 LIES!!


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