Escape teh polices pro-maximum way!

Escape teh polices pro-maximum way!
Uploaded on Jul 22, 2018
Uploader: Pineapotato

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First! You jelly bro?

By the way, I know what our next goal could be.
#111111, the first sextuples of TS!

@#100091 :O you're right

@#100091 Good idea. Then maybe we can do 200000.


It is gonna be a long way to the first sextuple.

I got dubs! And why is nobody commenting? Also why did I say 100kOrRito even though 100k is passed?

Dubs again. Sorry, but you have to wait in order to get the next dubs!

@#100100 Oh, and these dubs are repeating, which is an even greater honor.

We should go on to the first quints. Anyone invent a new hashtag?

@#100103 Oh I mean sextuples. Sorry guys, my bad. *bad poker face*

Anyone wanna try out to get the first sextuples?

I know you are all tired from commenting to 100k, but we can pass the goal for our TS!

Nobody is commenting.

I wonder and ask to myself: why is nobody commenting? Is TS dead? Did GumGum take over TS or did TS sell the website to GumGum? I went pretty wild when we were going to 100k, but now after 100k, there was mostly silence. Is everyone dead? Am I the only one left of TS?

Or did I go to heaven and my comments are invisible to earthlings?

*forever alone* sigh, nobody is commenting. I will leave this website now that TS is abandoned. Bye Guys.

But not before I get my trips. Sigh. Goodbye you all! (I will comeback when the party goes wild)

@#100110 I think we all got that "hangover" feeling after reaching 100k.

@#100112 Hangovers are usually a state of viewing unpleasant physiological effects following consumption of alcohol. Hangovers last several hours to more than one day. We feel hot, we got headaches, like we are drunk or something and we are experiencing side effects.


Now what?

@#100115 I commented a few times and you didn’t notice me.

Maybe it is time to move on.

@#100118 oh ._.

You poor and can't afford a bike? No schwoopy loopy?
Buy our Optical Illusion bike!
Only $2.99!
Use the powers of the optical illusion to travel to any place in the world, amaze your friends, and destroy GUMGUM!
Comes with a free guarentee of schwoopy loopy, and a chance to win an instructions manual on how to create a gumgum adblock!
For just $2.99, you can rule the world!1!!
So buy one now!
Just $2.99+$9000.01 shipping fee

Nobody is commenting. Everyone is at least got something better to do.

I guess maybe I will return to trollscience a little more.

I got dubs! Nobody is getting dubs anymore. And with nobody commenting, TS is getting boring.

The only thing on Trollscience that is fun right now is that we can read funny comics.

I think that's it guys.
We got teh 100k, we made history. Now it is time to move on.

@#100135 Bro what about 150k?


@#100136 Its a long way, and we are all tired from 100k, and we want a break. We will have fun by calling each other jelly and have fun with gadgets, like from @#1 to @#99999.

The next pineapotato comics I upvoted are quickspaces, the flight suit, and the time passing one.

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