Escape teh polices pro-maximum way!

Escape teh polices pro-maximum way!
Uploaded on Jul 28, 2018
Uploader: Pineapotato

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First! Do I get exp for that?

I actually enjoy pulling the long string of white jelly out of my penis after I bust a nut. It feels fucking god like while I savor the sensation of the liquid rope sliding from the bottom of my shaft all the way out my urethra.

@#100143 Sorry I am 12 I am not fit to listening to that (because of law purposes and parental protection).

@#100144 I was actually anonymous and I got dubs!

Now that 100k is surpassed, I dont know what to do right now.

@#100143 What the HELL is wrong with you?!

Jelly line, everyone above the line is jelly!!!11

@#100149 I sprinkled iron on your jelly before you fired the jelly line. Now I have a magnet and I will pull the jelly towards me, hitting you along the way. Now with the leftover jelly I can absorb it and make my Jelly causing powers superior, making you jelly cause I have better jelly causing powers.

What goal should we conquer next now that we got 100k?

@#100214 111111? Also, check out this link!

Got this great comic idea!
Have a hard test like the SHSAT but you know you will fail it? (Add *You shall not pass* meme)
No worries TrollScience got the solution!
1.) Change your name to Time.
2.) Recieve the test.
3.) Put your name (which was Time) in the name box.
4.) Do nothing and think about magnets and trolling.
5.) Hand in your empty test.
Since Time is always passing (look at the clock, you see time passing at this very moment), you will pass! Administrators and Instructors cannot do anything!
You jelly? (Whoever reads this is jelly, except my team)
Do not read the next sentence.
The Game.
I told you so.

Autistic kids love 2010 memes in 2018

@#100217 Shush. I am already changing my habits, so do not call me, or anyone autistic. Especially Pedro. He is not a kid. Am I right?

@#100215 Make more comics! They are so good and funny! I

Thanks to you guys, I am staying here.

@#100244 I got dubs! Free exp! I will evolve when I get to lv 600!

I been here since April 26. More than 3 months already.

I've been here since January! I've been here for like 7 months yay

@#100247 I have been here since 2011, you jelly?

@#100216 Upboat haha boat

Everyone below this line works for GumGum Except for pines and meh (and maybe Pedro)
And later... a peep comments
First! Haha UJELLY All? Secondfags will go bankrupt! TROLOLOLOL
The Game | August, 3, 2018 at 8:00PM | reply | #9001 | flag
Everyone above this line works for GumGum (Except for pines, meh, and maybe Pedro
Pineapple Flowers | August, 3, 2018 at 8:08PM | reply | #9002 | flag

@#100268 No, but I have seen such thing as jelly made of poop.

@#100216 Did you put this in the queue? I upvoted that.

@#100272 Nope. Pineapotato took the idea and made a comic about it (she did not give me credit). Someday when I have an account then I can do a repost about it, but with better graphics and more panels.

@#100273 Yes the credit goes to Pineapple Flowers sorry for not adding credits :P

@#100268 I read your comic that says 100k is a lie. But we passed 100k, meaning 100k is not a lie and that it is possible. In your face!

Don't have a schwoopy loopy? U jelly of other people's schwoopy loopy?
No worries! You can buy our arms!
For just $2.99, all Trollscience that require loopy arms will be possible! (You got infinite money from past TS comics, you should be able to afford one.) All power shall be yours!!onehundredeleven!!1!
So get one now! And your arms will be this: (look below)

I got dubs! You all amazed? No? Awwww.

I’m just passing comment numbers along the way.

We all enjoy ourselves by typing 100kOrRito but now there is nothing fun to type.

That is very sad. Maybe we can work out little goals as we go towards 111111. Maybe we can start off at 101000 then 102000 and so on.

@#100217 I saw your post about jelly in the queue and upvoted it.

@#100274 Have you considered posting some of your comics to other meme apps and sites that are good?

Just passing comment numbers along the way.

If we are working towards our new goal, what should the new hashtag be?

@#100297 we will cross the bridge when we get to it. Hashtags later. Now what are we working on now?

I got dubs!!! This commenting is already paying off already!

More dubs! That is why I always like it when we near the 100s in comment numbers.

It is a long way to the first sextuplets.


This was uploaded like more than a week and a half ago.

No one is commenting

Seriously guys, comment more!

This website is dead. Maybe my friends have better things to do.

Wow. No commenting=no trolling=no schwoopy loopy= no infinite happy.

I got dubs!!onehundredeleven!!1! But if nobody comments, that means i can get all the dubs!

No Trollface
No loopy schwoopy
No REAL Magnets
This comic is to fag to comment on

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