Infinite monies and diabetes

Infinite monies and diabetes
Uploaded on Jun 30, 2018
Uploader: DarkRuishi

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First. Jelly All except my friends!

Oh right! Two more till dubs!

Dubs! Sorry all, but you have to wait to #99188 to get the next dubs!

#100KorRito, or whatever that is.

Time to contribute to the 100k comments!

You are all now 1 space closer to the 100000th comment of TS.

Keep going everyone! Getting 100k comments is an accomplishment for TS!

That is my contribution.

Wow, this is boring. Lets play fun minigames to pass the time and build up comments to get us closer to 100k!
1.) Spot the error. 444444444444444A444444444444444444444444
2.) Spot the error. 8888888888888888888888888B88888888888888
3.) Spot the error in the Binary Code! 1100010100010110100111001010101001010101010101111001010010
4.) Find the error in the Alphabet!

5.) Move your mouse cursor across the maze. Don't touch the lines! The - is safe to touch.

@#99186 I cheated. (Trollface*)
Lets do some fair puzzles!
6.)Which one is the most different from the others?
A. :D
B. :)
C. :(
D. :O
7.) Which one is the most different from the others?
A. Fire
B. Fridge
C. Oven
D. Toaster
8.) Which is the most different from the others?
A. Bee
B. Ladybug
C. Butterfly
D. Bird
BTW I GOT DUBS. Now you have to wait to #99199.

@#99187 Wait. But it doesn't matter, as now I got dubs.



810 to go, now 809.
I guess it will take some 20 days until 100k.


#100kOrRito. What is Rito? Reminds me of a cheese cracker.

@#99193 I'm not sure. But i've seen a lot of people saying "something or rito" so yep.



Dubs get!

And dubs again. Are you jelly? *trollface*


Now just 798 comments left. We have a long way to go.




Hi there, scrolldownfags.
Any scrollfag reading the comments cannot pass the line unless they are contributing to the 100k.
BTW many of the comments say #100kOrRito and other nonsense and non-fun stuff so you are wasting your time reading them!
P.S: I know you scrollfags. I know you passed the line.

@#99199 Sorry, accidently flagged you. Btw 99199 is a palindrome.



I didn’t forget: I got dubs! Now we are advancing to 100k for every dub we get!



We still got a long way to go. So just comment and comment.

@#99222 Hey I got trips!!!1! First time!


Come on you all! We can get to 100k! Just keep commenting!

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