Trollin' the economy

Trollin' the economy
Uploaded on Jun 14, 2018
Uploader: Bargoth

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I'm first again! Safety! All hail the king of trolls, the god of trollscience!

First the best, second the best, third is the one with a hairy chest.

Everyone above the line is deleted from the comment area.
Since the comments are now non-existent, i am now first! And since I am not third, that means I don't have a hairy chest!

@#98910 Yeah but have you considered that I just got dubs?

I am the king of trolls. I have extremely schoopy loopy arms, I have an infinite amount of magnets, and I can make a perfect trollface.

@#98914 Yeah, but I got a lot of money.

But let us talk about the comic. How will you get foreign currency, if you have no money in the first place? Trollfags will go bankrupt!

poor fags will profit, since they do have a bit of money but not very much of it.

The game firstest

@#98925 You sell a product to foreign investors of any currency group to trade it.

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