Troll Physics: Episode 3 ( By Trolol 13.1 )

Troll Physics: Episode 3 ( By Trolol 13.1 )
Uploaded on Jun 8, 2018

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First! Safety! U bankrupt brah?

@pineapotato Are you COOKIEMASTER99's sister?

@#98788 I am not bankrupt but I have a problem.

@#98796 do not worry, the way to get rid of jellifiers is right on this comic.
It is #2. Now we will have no problems from people who want others to be jelly. Especially Pedro. Sorry Pedro, but you picked the wrong comic, since the comic teaches all how to destroy jellifiers. Now everyone knows how to get rid of you.

@#98796 Now that you mention, I realise that I got dubs! Which proves my divinity!

@#98799 motherofgod.jpg I got dubs again! All hail and bow down to the GOD of trolls!

@#98800 3 dubs in a row! Chance of dubs = 1/10; 1/(10^3)= 1/1000 = 0,1%. I am the 0,1%! Bow down before me!

@#98791 No I am NOT. I am Zayla's sister. Are you Poop Emoji's brother?

@#98801 shut up gou dumb faggot. Suck my ass you gay


Besides, Pedro keeps forgetting that I am in control of the game, and Trollscience also runs on the game. Applying that logic, we can now prove that Pedro is not the god of Trollscience.

Feeling less powerful, Pedro?

All not hail and not bow down to the not god of trolls!

Also, THE GAME FIRSTEST! It comes before safety, and only pineapples can use it!

@#98806 Not really, I am okay knowing that I am still the most speculated and commented of trollscience! The hater above you, the one who uses ugly words, just makes me more powerful and feeds my divinity. And finally, I am the only one who can beat da game. Because I am a god. And u just lost da game, problems? ~~trollface~~

@#98802 By the way, if you're wonderin', I ask it because your picture with a totally real and not made with MSPaint doughnut really looks like the picture of COOKIEMASTER99 showing the penis of his cat.

I do not think that comic should ever be approved.@#98814

@#98813 The game's master can not lose the game.

@#98813 Yea, she can design the game so only she and her team can pass. Heck, any non-pineapple has godawful very hard difficulty, and pineapples will get the crapload of easiness difficulty.

Please choose a difficulty.
Pineapple Mode: join pineapples
Extremely Difficult
HELL NO mode
Instant jelly mode

*Clicks "Pineapple mode"* "Just fight this boss with 1 hp and you win!"

BTW Pedro, before you become a smart-alek with the difficulty, there is no "Instant win Pedro Mode" only for Pedro.

BTW easy-ish mode is terror. Best to join pineapples.

If you join the pineapples, you get a cool name tag that puts the word pineapple in front of your username! Plus, pineapple mode is unlocked for all who join the pineapples!

In HELL NO and Instant jelly mode, I am the final boss of the game. (There's hardly any way to win those modes.)

Actually, I'm the final boss in all modes but Pineapple Mode.

Daily reminder that Pedro is going to do his daily reminders, so watch out!
Wait. Who is the boss with 1 hp in pineapple mode? Is it Pedro? Or is it some kind of fag or peep that deserves to be jelly?

Pedro. It is Pedro.

Of course. It is always him that gets to be the jackass. The one and not only Pedro!

@#98830 I read your comment and instead of waiting a week to drain yourself of calcium, you could use vinegar instead. Vinegar is considered bone melt substance. When tested out on chicken bones, the vinegar responds to calcium compounds in bones, making the calcium soluble so that the water component dissolves the calcium, leaving the bone less rigid. This shows vinegar melts the bone and only leaves the soft bone tissue. So instead of waiting and draining calcium, you can speed up the process so you can get schwoopy loopy faster!
But really, the easiest way to get schwoopy is to eat someone with schwoopy loopy arms. Since you are what you eat, you now have loopy limbs!

Sorry, i meant comic, not comment.

@#98829 Here is a vid showing how impossible I am to beat. Wear eye protection because my skills are blinding.

@#98835 Ops, forgot to put my name. (trollollo)

Go to trollscience/troll/view/5717
This is what haters look like!

@#98835 Video is offline. Cannot watch and see how skillful you are. Good thing my computer isn't broken from the video!

@#98839 You cannot fool me! You've been ricktrolled!

@#98840 You cannot fool me! You've been ricktrolled!

@#98839 He's so skillful, he makes videos go offline! (Or maybe he's only skilled at making vids go offline.)

@#98832 Also, I saw a trollscience like that and yeah, not wanting a copyright strike.

I have made a video showing the truth about! Shocking!

@#98847 I typed in the link and it took me straight to the youtube page. Guess youtube doesn't not want peeps seeing that video. God Bless the company for protecting our trollscienctists from all of those video links. They might be containing bad words or rickrolls or other bad stuff in there.
PS: If you are reading this and you are a non-pineapple you just got ricktrolololed.

@#98843 Ok the first comic was the idea i got from another comic but what about the second one?
It was to eat someone with schwoopy loopy
since you are what you eat.
You get schwoopy loopies.
I feel like your comics involve too much of the phrase "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT."

qwertyuiopasdfgjhklzxcvbnm Any non-pineapples who read this are jelly! Unless, they find the mistake.

Shut your autism

@#98852 I found da mistake: it is ghj not gjh. And since I am not jelly, due to the law of conservative of jelly, u are jelly! U jelly? *trollface*

By the way, check my dubs!

@#98854 I think you mean law of conservation of matter because there is no thing as the law of conservation of jelly. The fact is, one molecule or atom of one thing can be reused in another thing. For example, a magnet atom or an atom from a famous troll can be a molecule of jelly. Because of this, we are part of everything, since atoms that used to be from mountains and lakes are now part of us. I think it is beautiful. So next time you say we are jelly, remind yourself that the jelly can be from an atom of a genius, or maybe even you! Which concludes that if we are jelly, part of us might even be from the person who made this website.

@#98856 Oh I forgot something: molecules are never destroyed or wasted, and no molecules are created. So a molecule or atom from a caveman or tree is never destroyed, and has to be reused again.

@#98854 Hard mode. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjkzlxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

@#98854 And no, I control the game, meaning I CONTROL THE FLOW OF JELLY! U jelly?

@#98856 The Law of Conservation of Jelly is real. And since I ain't even jelly, I have 0% chance of being jelly. And she has 1/80000000000 chance, which is an infinitely higher number than 0. Trollollol

@#98861 Not unless we add a "no jelly" rule in the game.
Anyone who smuggles jelly or brings jelly into the game will be given a jelly detention which makes them ultimately jelly. And 1/80000000000 is just 1/80000000000 higher than 0, so it is not infinite.

Look! @#98861's comment name is Anonymouse, not Pedro! That means all our hard work is wiping off his famous name and title off his comment, making him lose his identity as Pedro, the so called god. I bet if we move on... Pedro will no longer be Pedro and will be forgotten! Keep going everyone!

@#98859 Not really, who's in the charge here it is me. I control da game, because I am always first.

@#98863 Sometimes I forget to put my name, so I can show some imperfection and be closer to my people. I am a humble god!

@#98865 forgetting is usually accidental and being humble and showing love like that is usually intentional. So why would you accidentally forget to put your name while you know it would do you good at the same time? Also showing imperfection means you are not really perfect at all times, and hey, everyone wants to be the best, and what it you were imperfect while everyone is more perfect than you? You would probably feel embarrassed. And how is it that you are humble? I do not think every other user said a good thing about you. Except Mr.Flowers, but you did not thank him in that domain. Besides risking your identity by erasing your name (otherwise you might forget), then you can also show humbleness in another way, like saying fair things in your comments and complementing other people of their good thoughts and ideas

@#98862 (1/80000000000)/0 = infinite, therefore it is infinitely higher.
@#98866 But showing humbleness in a non perfect way is even more humble. Nice dubs by the way.

@#98867 But wouldn't that just be humble? By being humble you are humble.

@#98867 If you mean by infinitely higher, you mean 0 plus infinite. You probably mean infinite TIMES higher, since the opposite of dividing is multiplying. Where 1/80000000000 times infinite is infinite.

@#98864 I control the game. Remember? Here, we will take a vote. Whoever shows for me to be in control of the game, say Pineapotato. Whoever shows for Pedro to be in control of the game, say Pedro. You cannot vote yourself. And you can only vote once.

Also, being first is not about being at the top. Unless you're a pineapple. Then you're ALWAYS first, no matter what Pedro says.

pineapotato. Pedro has too much power by being a god, and by giving THE GAME's powers to him, Trollscience will explode.

you know, someone can cheat by changing their name and vote for the same person.

Fun fact! Losses must be announced. This can be verbally, with a phrase such as "I just lost The Game", or in any other way: for example, via Facebook. This means that losers who lost the game must say they lost the game in order to lose the game. If we don't say we lost the game, we don't lose the game.

According to some interpretations, one does not lose when someone else announces their loss, although the second rule implies that one loses regardless of what made them think about The Game. After a player has announced a loss, or after one thinks of The Game, some variants allow for a grace period between three seconds to thirty minutes to forget about the game, during which the player cannot lose the game again.

Every time you think about The Game, and hence lose, you must say so. This is the only rule that can be broken, which complements the first comment.

@#98858 I found the difference. You put kzl, while the real thing is klz.

@#98858 You actually made it easier by posting many sequences. I found the "kzl" instantly just by comparing the top and bottom sequences. U jelly?

And by the way... check my QUADS!!!

@#98888 0,1% of the comments are QUADS, therefore I am the 0,1%. U jelly? *trollface*

@#98889 I already have a vote. Votes will be concluded by tomorrow. The winner controls the game.

Even if somebody is only beaten by one.

@#98879 NOW try this. dhtjerhtenhtkejitrceuinthjehtvjehtvfhhuiwhneruhnuiehutweuhchnwienuieguidvgidhvuiguigneiufuieuuiweunguihtirhugvrbhvgirhuineujuiu Find the duplicated text.

I’d pick pineapotato. But what if someone votes, then changes their name, then votes again for the same person?

@#98879 Also try this!
Find the error in the binary code!

Hint: The error is outside the comment box. Problem?

@#98895 lol

Also the error is the number 2

@#98897 U jelly of mah quads? ~~trollface~~

Check my dubs brah!

And guess what? I got dubs again. U jelly?

@#98897 Wrong! The error is a number 7.

@#98911 oh lol

Okay, now the votes are tallied up. Pineapotato controls the game. Pineapples are now always above your devices.

Which means pineapples are always at the top.

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