Troll physics by Trolol 13 Beta 3

Troll physics by Trolol 13 Beta 3
Uploaded on May 24, 2018

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Safety. FIRST!

God Shield!
This god shield blocks gods from being first! Even though Pedro says he can come before the safety, the god shield blocks him and prevents him from doing so! Therefore, he cannot do what he did last comic, meaning Queen Pineapple is ultimately first!

First the worst, third the best, second is the one with a hairy chest.

I am only 12. I thought last was the best, like in the last day of school.

@#98544 Oh, I'm 10!

@#98543 And, for you, first is only the worst if they don't put their safety on.

Fun Fact! Everyone used to talk about Pedro before, but now we are talking about moderation! :]

Troll Fact: Pedro Silveira is not a fad. He is eternal, and their legacy will always live as long as lives!

@#98549 Yea,your history could live on until the end of trollscience. Also facebook. Since you said only trollscience and facebook, my statement proves you wrong. Also you spelled trollscience wrong in your facebook message so you are not the god of spelling, which means Pedro is not a god of everything. Feeling less powerful?

Flowers, remember that idea you made, the one that goes like this:
1: see commercial about fortune teller who says the truth
2: go to them and set their pants on fire
3: sue them for false advertising
Remember that idea you had? I made the trollscience!

Yep seen it. Approved it two times. Thumbs up!

@#98553 It is because the letter "c" of my keyboard is not working! Trollollollo. U jelly of my might?

@#98559 you typed in c for "cause" in your facebook message.

@#98559 are you jelly of my rebuttals? *trollface*

Anyways I will be on ragetoons so bye for now.

OP is autistic, the commenters are too!
Its 2018

@#98564 shut

@#98561 Your rebuttal only makes me stronger. What is a GOD without doubt?

Maybe you could beat me, but what about the whole pineapple clan? Doubt that you will 100% win. (Eating jelly to make my schwoopy loopy arms stronger.)

Also do not forget about my magnets.

I got a brand new account!

@#98573 BTW it's still me, Queen Pineapple!

@#98573 your comics feature no trollfaces, i will be downvoting all

Thank you! Now I can see all your comics without going through moderation!

@#98577 Screw u

@#98579 U jelly? *trollface*

Can't you draw trollfaces using MS paint?

It would look pretty stupid if I drew it with MS Paint...

And MS paint won't let you copy and paste? Like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P. (Ctrl+C is copy and Ctrl+P is paste.)

@#98580 No, u jel?

@#98583 Also, you mean copypaste images?

Yep. But I don't recommend copypaste images because the images might be subjected to copyright. Unless you switch on to another drawing app or something, there would be no trollfaces. I wonder, do you use MS paint because it is cheaper?

Well, I'm only 10.

Oh, so you use MS paint because it is easier and more suitable for younger people.

Ya, I'm not much of a pro of drawing on a computer, but I can draw a picture in real life that will make you think an epic artist made it.

Also, I forgot that I was logged out, don't mind the blacktext.

Oh. So that explains the “Me with a totally real and not fake paint 3D doughnut!” But what about the shadows? You are in a dark room so shouldn’t the doughnut be more darker to make it more realistic?

Sorry, typing on a bad phone. The “ are suposed to be quote marks, and shouldn’t is should.


Daily reminder that I am the GOD of trollscience!!

@#98613 Daily reminder that we don't care!!

@#98614 You just lost da game. U jelly?

@#98614 Just time travel before you lost the game. Since you time traveled before you lost the game, the moment that you lost the game has not passed, and you can change your playing so you can beat the game. Pedro will no longer call you jelly because you had not lost the game.

@#98616 You must be new here. You cannot beat da game, you only lose. Also, you just lost da game. U jelly? *trollface*

@#98616 Also, it is no use time travelling. Eventually I will shout "da game!", it will happen sooner or later. "You hear that, Mr. Flowers? That's the sound of inevitability" -Pedro Silveira 2018.

My name is not Mr.Flowers, it's Pineapple Flowers. And I have been here for a month. To confirm, you can check out the "LooL Evolution of troll" comic. And I can beat the game if I beat the final boss. Watching the credits is optional.

^ That name is supposed to be Pineapple Flowers. Typed it
| wrong. BTW gumgum is also jelly.

Also Pedro, you are not the final boss. You may be invincible, but if they cannot kill you then they cannot beat the game. Since everyone wants to win any game they would not want to buy that game since it is impossible to beat. And because nobody bought the game, they cannot lose!

@#98619 I said "Mr. Flowers" for the reference. If you don't get it, you have zero culture. Also, I have been here since 2010, so you are a newfag! U jelly?

I'm the best and you all know it
Pedro is gay

@#98622 Well gumgum is jelly. I am not a gelatin life form, I am the guardian of the pineapples, trying to defend the empire against you. No offense.

Everyone above this line is pretty much jelly.
Dubble Jelly
Triple Jelly.

Well now I am jelly. Not because Pedro is always first.
Heck, I can eat the jelly to make my schwoopy loopy arms stronger. Also never buy jelly again and have infinite free food.

@#98615 No. I did not play the game. Therefore I do not have to follow the rules of the game, because I'm not playing!

Click that green text!

Quadruple Jelly.
Quintuple Jelly.
Sextuple Jelly.
Septuple Jelly.
nontuplet jelly.
I think that is how far I can go.

I'll eat those jelly as well. Jelly tastes good, and also could be filled with vitamins. However, I better watch out for the You Are What You Eat.

@#98627 You must be new here, as well. As soon as you hear about the game, you ARE playing it. There is no way to avoid.
Btw, you just lost da game again, u jelly?

I love Trollscience.
I wish this science is true.
Also Trollscience is starting to take over my classroom. I usually show troll comics with magnets to my classmates, my friends pretended to have schwoopy loopy arms, and some were saying "You Jelly?" to others. Trollscience might take over my school.

Everyone above this line is infinitely jelly. Except me.

@#98635 Glad to hear it, and since I am the GOD of, soon they will start worshipping me as well.

Wait... that trend of trollscience just died just a week ago. I forgot.

And I am liking ragetoons more and more. Maybe just a little less than trollscience in ranks of liking.


I finally found a way to beat The Game!
1.) Put the game in a mixer
2.) Beat it (eggs, milk, and cream are optional)
3.) Bake it.
You just created a The Game cake! But that is not all.
4.) Eat it. Since you are what you eat, you are now The Game!
5.) Now you can control what the game does! You can let other trolls win! Or you can beat yourself up. Either way, the game is now beaten!

On it now.

We had gym today at school and we were playing kickball
The final score was 17-8. My team was 17.
We just won the game.

In my opinion, being first is all about the timing and not about being at the top.

@#98647 *Clapping*

I confess I missed those times when comics would get craptons of comments. Now we got it again. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Telling someone they lost the game means they lost the game.
Now you won the game. You don't have to worry about it anymore, just move on with life, eat a cake or ice cream, and have fun.

Fire needs three things: space, fuel, and oxygen.
If there was no oxygen in space, how does the sun burn?
Proof that oxygen does exist in space.

@#98656 The sun lives off of hydrogen. In a few billion years, the sun will have lost all its hydrogen and start burning helium. Space is a vacuum, so there is no oxygen there.

@#98654 Click teh green text

I thought hydrogen is waterlike because two hydrogen atoms are needed to create a water molecule.

And then I searched up the wiki and found that hydrogen is flammable.

Jelly is basically another word for other's jealousy. Trolls have the superior ability to eat jelly, with the arms being more loopy schwoopier for every jelly they consume. Some people put jelly lines to admit other's jealousy of not being a firstfag but those people could be first next time a comic gets posted. And there are people who put jelly in their comments to make others rage, even though there is nothing to be jelly about. Keep note about what jelly is, how to use it, and when is the right time to use it. Otherwise the jelly would miss and people will jelly you for not being a good hitter, making you jelly of their victory. (This message is for everyone, not just Pedro.)

@#98660 Wait... Oxygen is also flammable... SO WHY IS WATER NOT FLAMMABLE?

@#98662 Fire requires three elements: heat, fuel, and oxygen. If you take away one of these elements, the fire will die. Water might be flammable, but water takes away the "heat" element so the fire dies.


*Gets boiling hot water* Have this, fire.

All of a sudden, fire becomes this:
tvuhuthj0ejtnj9irijijbjy itntyvifgejrtgivrgivgeuigjnei bnjfibguri

Daily reminder that I'm the GOD of!

@#98667 Frick off. You lost teh game cuz I told you ya lost teh game.

@#98667 Frick off. You lost teh game cuz skai told you ya lost teh game.

@#98667 You lost the game because I said ya lost teh game. Ya jelly?

@#98670 I am da only exception to da game, 'cause I'm a GOD. Therefore, I will never lose, and I am da only one who can win da game. U jelly? *trollface*

Daily reminder: telling anyone that they lost the game means they lost the game.
Now go enjoy life.

Guys, don't listen to Pedro! He is just only wanting a reaction from you all and making you rage by posting his troll comments. If you don't listen and ignore what he says, the chances of a flame war would be reduced. Stay safe, and you aren't required to listen to people that you haven't known and met in real life.

Also reminder: Jelly is basically another word for other's jealousy. Trolls have the superior ability to eat jelly, with the arms being more loopy schwoopier for every jelly they consume. Some people put jelly lines to admit other's jealousy of not being a firstfag but those people could be first next time a comic gets posted. And there are people who put jelly in their comments to make others rage, even though there is nothing to be jelly about. Keep note about what jelly is, how to use it, and when is the right time to use it. Otherwise the jelly would miss and people will jelly you for not being a good hitter, making you jelly of their victory. (This message is for everyone, not just Pedro.)

Thanks @#98674
Everyone below this line is jelly (no exceptions)
Now time to wait for the jelly to start rolling in so the trolls can consume them.
Wait...I'm below the exceptions...

I am the game. I can control what I do. My rules. I can say whoever loses the game and whoever wins. I am an exception to jelly, and nobody can beat me in the game 'cause I am the expert. You all jelly to my skills?

I edit the jellyline to only making non-pineapples jelly.

@#98671 Frick off. You are not a god, you are a nooblet. You are not a trollscientist, you are a newpeep. You don't have schwoopy loopy, you have one bone in each of your arms (Which means your arms can't even bend). You are not a jellifier, you are THE JELLY.

@#98673 I don't want anyone to rage. I'm just spreading awareness that I'm da god of trollscience, because imalways at da top!

@#98769 In my opinion, being first is not about position, it's about timing. And you are the only one who uses facebook, so I gotta accept that fact as well. That means that you are always first in commenting on facebook, since nobody else uses facebook here, but not always first in general.

So basically, I could be at the bottom, nobody called first, and I can be like "SAFETY FIRST NOBODY CALLED IT LOLOLOLOLOL" and that would count, right?

Sure, cuz safety always comes first!

Oh yeah, and watch out for Pedro's daily reminders.

I have written a song for all the trolls out there who are not getting enough care. Enjoy:
"We're no strangers to trolls
You troll the rules and so do I
A full commmitment is what I'm trolling of
You wouldn't get this from any other troll
I just wanna tell you how I'm trolling
Gotta make you understroll
Never gonna troll you up
Never gonna troll you down
Never gonna troll around and desert you
Never gonna make you troll
Never gonna troll a troll
Never gonna tell a lie, and troll you"
Sea wut I did thar?
Lol ricktroll'd

@#98684 It doesn't rhyme. At least you did good making this song. I sort of appreciate it. I guess it took you a lot of time. And yes, trolls don't deserve to be trolled because we are our own kind. We are one!

P.S Rickrolling is cruel. You can see it all on the "about" section of trollscience, and you can see how much sympathy the creator has for his kind. He understands that trolls who join trollscience should not be trolled and rickrolled.

@#98676 You are a non-pineapple. You are jelly. You lost yourself.

@#98667 Bow to your queen.

@#98687 I was "The Game", or @#98676's comment. I did that to lure Pedro into commenting.

We are all losing the game 'cause we don't know how to play it. We must go to china to escape!
I got a sheet to build a bridge.
Instructions say:
Step 1: Aquire a sponge. It doesn't matter how you get it (eg. stealing, bribery, buying, looking in your dumpster) just get it!
Step 2: Throw it in the ocean. (Use magnets to prevent it from floating away.
Step 3: Sponges expand in water. (Use magnets for faster expansion.)
You just made your very own bridge! You jelly Paleo-Indians who crossed the land bridge?
Step 3:

Just ignore The last 2 words in that comment.

@#98689 You've been ricktrolled!

I see what you did there.

@#98690 Hey I want to make trollscience comics popular again and spread the word that trollscience is just about the comics!
Troll comic: Tired of problems getting in your way?
Step 1: Face your problems.
Step 2: anyone knows when you multiply anything by 0 that thing becomes 0!
Step 3: Multiply your problems by 0.
Your problems are now nothing! You will be able to do lots of crap such as:
Never have school again!
Have a fun schedule!
Get out of debt!
Get rid of your boss!
And much much more!

Pineapple flowers is autistic. Why?
Hes doing troll science in 2018

Hey... meh is also autistic!

Autism is a disorder in which the person has trouble communicating and socializing. Me and Pineapple Flowers aren’t autistic... our communicating is fine!

You all lost the game! Pedro, Pineapple Flowers, meh, anonymouse, DornBB, ricktroller, all of you!

Shut up.
(Multiples The Game by 0)
You now become nothing, The Game!

@#98699 You forgot ME.

Trolololololol lolol lolololololol lolololololo lolololololololol LOL

@#98699 Yeah, I lost the game. The game is missing!!!

@#98699 Also, you don't even have an account. Also, I AM THE GAME because I took the game and made it a cake. Then, I ate the cake, following the quote, "You are what you eat" So technically, you lost.

The game: (Insert okay meme here)
Pineapotato: QUEEN OF TEH GAME

Daily reminder that I'm the LORD, the GOD of trollscience!

@#98706 Bow to your queen.

@#98706 Shush, or I will jam you.

@#98706 You are the first victim.
You lost the game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

@#98708 You are the next victim.
You lost as well.

@#98710 Do you want me to jam you as well? HUH?

@#98707 I shall bow down to none! For I am the superior authority of Gods > Queens!

@#98708 Come at me brah. I am the final boss of, you cannot jam me.

Apparently many people believe that the Irish is a catholic country. And Pedro, hear that? Apparently since trollscience is not part of the catholic society.

@#98714 I don't understand what you mean. However, you just lost da game!

@#98712 But what if I am the queen of gods... of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods


That was supposed to say "LOL" out of the letters in LOL. Lemme fix that.


Nevermind, peeps. I suck at this.

@#98710 Ya played yourself. And thus, lost.

Therefore, I won the game, and can control what it does, decide who wins and loses, and most importantly, make the game battle Pedro back.

So yeah, I am in superior authority of the game.

U jelly game?
U mad Pedro?
U bankrupt gumgum?

Bear in mind that GUMGUM is not only bankrupt...but jelly! La dee da... GUMGUM also plays the game and loses...

The Game's legend lives a lot of time! More than Pedro's lifespan of staying with TS! And since the Game lives longer... it has better experience of TS, which means it is better at being a god of TS than Pedro! And since Pineapotato is controlling it, that means she has The GAME's powers, so she has even better godly powers than Pedro! With this power, we can take on Pedro and defeat him!

@#98726 Impossible, I am omnipotent, the true GOD of

@#98731 If you are really invincible, then we are invincible as well, since THE GAME is on trollscience for so long. Now we are equal to each other. If you want to take over this domain, we aren't making it easy for you.

@#98731 Also, since THE GAME's legend lives for so long, we have the knowledge of trollscience and we know everything that it takes to be a true legendary trollscientist. With that power, Pineapotato can achieve infinite everything. And she is able to make people go bankrupt, jelly, and mad with THE GAME's powers. Now we can do anything in Trollscience with the knowledge of Trollscience.

U mad, jel, oatmeal, everything random, Pedro?

What if I used my pineapple cannon to shoot pineapples at peeps, making them pineapples too? (Following you are what you eat)

Okay, so, Pineapple Flowers, since pineapples are now in control of THE GAME, what do you think the first action should be?

Pineapples are immune to jellylines.

Wanna mix up teh basics of teh game?

@#98736 I guess threaten non-pineapples to convert to pineapple cult or else they lose the game or something.


Pineapples have high chances of winning teh game

like 9999999999999999.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 percent chances

Join or Die!
Join now and you can have a cool name tag that puts the word pineapple in front of your name!

@#98741 I mean when someone says you lost the game, that means you lost the game. Keep that in mind. But you are controlling the game, so saying that non-pineapple fags and Pedrofags lost the game mean they lost the game.

Hold on lemme get z


U MAD BRO (bro = the one and only NOT king pedro!!!!!)


Wait... if I am in control of the game, I can change the players and peeps... Make Pedro the first enemy you encounter on level 1.

So he is pretty easy.

@#98749 If you make me da first boss, then The Game simply crashes.

@#98751 How about we make you the second boss of the game? *trollface*

@#98752 Then it is a possibility. If the game has 2 stages I will be the final boss!
Pedro Silveira
Level: 1337
HP: 9001
Attack: infinite
Defense: infinite
Poison resistance: 100%
Jelly resistance: 100%
Butthurt resistance: 140%
Special skill: Magnet throw (infinite damage and ignores def)

@#98753 Pineapotato is The Game so she is the one who is designing the Game and I guess she would put more stages than just 2.

@#98753 At least you admitted you have limited hp (it’s over 9000.999999) That means Pedro admits he isn’t invincible so the game is possible to beat. Therefore, there is going to be people who wins the game.

Pedro Silveira
Oatmeal Resistance: -9001% or maybe just 0%
You oatmeal?
Mad resistance: same number as oatmeal resistance
You mad?
Bankruptcy resistance: 1%
Speed: 1
Attack penetration: 0.1
Armor: Unarmored
Health regeneration: level 1
Magic Stats: 0
Invisibility: no invisibility
Hit speed: 9001.1337 seconds
Mana: So low that he cannot perform the special skill

@#98755 Not really, my infinite armor makes me invincible. I also have instant attack speed and infinite damage, so I will just melt anyone before they think of touching me!

@#98757 Can't we just use something to pierce through your armor?

@#98758 It is no use. My infinite dexterity gives me infinite dodge rate.

By the way, I say "dexterity" even though I am left-handed. Understanders gonna understand!

@#98759 I understand. But what about those speed homing missiles? And how is having both hands that can write gonna help you survive?

Oh... actually, how can having skill using both hands help dodge a missile? You need agile legs to do that.

Except I control the game, so I can make Pedro affected by the game. Now we're settled.

What if Pedro became so jelly he wasn't in the game anymore

Pineapotato (Controller of teh game)
HP: infinite
Armor: infinite
Evil randomness (Jelly, mad, etc.) resistance: infinite
Level: 83769583468459847894083854869847685396349876893487683768437583594894783975895789678975489582958386783982873953953958029583789578957038957389573893
Magic: all the infinites magic
Mana: infinite
special attack: teh game, deflects ALL evil randomness at the opponent
Boss level: Infinite, but does not play as a THE GAME boss unless it is played by Pedro or a non-pineapple.

Also i forgot these:
Attack: infinite
Defense: infinite

Also, not even PEDRO can dodge her attacks.

Pineapotato can also deflect every attack the opponent does, even if the opponent has infinite HP, she can take them out.

Plus, you can say her level is infinite infinities.

Pineapple Flowers
Level: 579
Attack: It's over 9000!
Defense: the number of letters in TROLLSCIENCE times 1000000000000000000000
Speed: 1337
Attack Penetration: High
Resistance to all things:(jelly, bankruptcy, etc.): 9001%
Magic: Able to perform many types of pineapple magic.
Mana: As much energy in 999999999999999999999 energy bars.
Hit speed: 1/175 of a second
Armor: Infinite
Invisibility: Near infinite
HP regeneration: Same number as Pedro's powers combined.
Special attack: Barrage of pineapples: 99999999 pineapples are thrown at the target in a machine gun like fashion. Each one hurts a lot.
Boss Level: 9002, Infinite if he is controlling THE GAME

@#98761 I cannot write with both hands, only the left. And it is known that less than 10% of the world is left-handed, therefore I am the 10%. Problems?

Right-handers live longer...

Skill (the total of all Pineapotato stats): infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities infinite infinities

Pineapotato also will destroy anybody without even TOUCHING them.

I will add 200 duodecillion stages. Pineapples are the final bosses.

Also, hit speed:
0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000 00000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000
00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds

@#98771 Also, my mom is both handed

Plus, the game is unable to crash, under any circumstance whatsoever.

As you all can see, I started a meme here. I am a trendsetter, u jelly?

@#98779 I once set a trend of Trollscience at my school. People in my class were saying: YOU JELLY? and my friends pretended to have schwoopy loopy arms. They also got interested in how magnets work and the troll comics I made.

@#98779 Hmm... I think a trend means you make something and it has to get popular before it can be called a trend. Just because you started a meme doesn't mean it is a trend. It has to be known and shared by our fellow trollscientists, fags, and peeps.

@#98771 You said you are the 10% that can write with only the left hand. You should've meant that you are one of the 10% that can write with left hand. 10% of the world is like more than 700000000 people, since there are 7 billion people living in this world.

@#98751 If you are the first boss of the game, at least you will be first! But since you said that the game will crash if you are the first boss, that means you passed up the opportunity to be first! Problem?

@#98783 It is because the logic is different when we're talking about which number boss you are in a game.
"First the worst, last the best, second is the one with a hairy chest"

@#98781 It is already popular. Since we have very little users, the entirety of them posted boss stats like me, so it makes me a trendsetter.
Also, I could be one out of 700 millions, but I also am myself, which is like 0,0000000000014% which makes me a successful troll.

@#98784 Yes, but when I suggested you be the second boss, you agreed it was a possibility. So we are making you the second boss since pineapotato is controlling The Game. Which means you are second. Your comment said First the worst, last the best. Second with a hairy chest. That means you have a hairy chest, and you insulted yourself. Problem?

Also I am special in my own way like you. PEOPLE THAT LOOK LIKE ME ARE ENDANGERED. THERE IS ONLY ONE IN EXISTENCE! (Which is me)

I have 8 canine teeth. Weird, right?

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