Rule the world!

Rule the world!
Uploaded on May 1, 2018

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First pedro is irrelevant and fakes everything he should bow to the Pineapples he is jelly safety first firstest you're welcome all but pedro you are not jelly

I said he was jelly and a flame war started. Don’t call him jelly, unless you have jelly shields and trollscience powers.

About what is said before... u mad?

Insane letter jellyshields^^^^^
@#98114 Also, thank you...
Insane letter jellyshields
eutheruituerttuetnyg ithtuerhurtueijtfurhtuibrhg hruhth r berhtb uebvuy vhuivhrtuhrbh yher hghtd nhrwue nyhhertghjduh ghdrne thjgetunh byh8ghj thuntbvtfuhgg dftbhg gbu tghdvfug hndruh b dru hnuhcbhfbduy fh djkcfh cfn hgui

Your name is outside the shield. Be careful. And pineapples are good. Some game named growtopia hosts a super pineapple party every summer.
Fact: I know you are checking.
Fact: I know you are glad I told the truth.

@#98176 Yep. Very happy!

Also fact: I did not check, rendering the first fact false.

Fact: guess what! I facepalmed.

@#98196 Fact: I don't care.

(add okay meme here)

Fact: I am a real pineapple, but oddly with schwoopy loopy arms and 1000000 magnets on each of 100 schwoopy loopy arms.

That is weird Trollscience to try to explain.

Why aren’t the rage faces from the last panel frozen?

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