Rule the world!

Rule the world!
Uploaded on May 1, 2018

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First pedro is irrelevant and fakes everything he should bow to the Pineapples he is jelly safety first firstest you're welcome all but pedro you are not jelly

I said he was jelly and a flame war started. Don’t call him jelly, unless you have jelly shields and trollscience powers.

About what is said before... u mad?

Insane letter jellyshields^^^^^
@#98114 Also, thank you...
Insane letter jellyshields
eutheruituerttuetnyg ithtuerhurtueijtfurhtuibrhg hruhth r berhtb uebvuy vhuivhrtuhrbh yher hghtd nhrwue nyhhertghjduh ghdrne thjgetunh byh8ghj thuntbvtfuhgg dftbhg gbu tghdvfug hndruh b dru hnuhcbhfbduy fh djkcfh cfn hgui

Your name is outside the shield. Be careful. And pineapples are good. Some game named growtopia hosts a super pineapple party every summer.
Fact: I know you are checking.
Fact: I know you are glad I told the truth.

@#98176 Yep. Very happy!

Also fact: I did not check, rendering the first fact false.

Fact: guess what! I facepalmed.

@#98196 Fact: I don't care.

(add okay meme here)

Fact: I am a real pineapple, but oddly with schwoopy loopy arms and 1000000 magnets on each of 100 schwoopy loopy arms.

That is weird Trollscience to try to explain.

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