Trolling Your Mother by Trolol 11.1 JE Codename "Paradox"

Trolling Your Mother by Trolol 11.1 JE Codename "Paradox"
Uploaded on May 18, 2018

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safety first

I gave this the 25th moderation vote

You know what? I gave the "how to downgrade windows" comic the 25th vote!



I can see the general theme of trolling, but it isn't TS.

@#98432 Yea. Like where is the trollface? Where are magnets? Where are schwoopy loopy arms? Where is the "_____ will go bankrupt"? Where is the umads and ujelly? And why didn't they mention about hating GUMGUM?

Go to the moderation page, and approve my trollscience, "How to rule the universe or whatever else!" thx

Saw it and upboated

Ok! Approved it 5 times! There were also other comics with titles such as pineapple and pineapotato, so I approved those as well.

That number quickly became 15. 15 votes approved by me.

*Clapping at the speed of light*

Now that number is 20.

Ok, I just approved it 25 times. Why is the comic not uploading?

I posted it 3 times........

Ok, so that is 8 votes for each, and 9 votes for one of them, so that means I need 75 votes to get them all. FUUUU

I'm wondering votes are actually capped or something



hey sis that would be me on the roof of the playground remember #life moments #what do i do with my life #im forever alone

@#98608 ayyyy z

GUMGUM is jelly.

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