R.I.P GumGum

R.I.P GumGum
Uploaded on May 15, 2018

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By using moderation, I figured how to get this to trollscience and now I am first. That’s how to beat Pedro.

BTW, Pedro, if you use facebook, that means you cheated and skipped to the top of the page. You will not be first, however, since cheaters never prosper in being firstfags. Also 5th comic in a row that i gotten first on. Pedro must be so mad and jelly right now.

I am the god of trollscience, I am a successful troll. U jelly?

nope. We don't really care.

Why do you think you have all the power in the world....when you are not even an admin.

Final Boss?
Challenge Accepted
I could beat you with my eyes closed.

@#98327 U jelly brah? Ye u jelly.
@#98328 I am more than admin. I am the king of this domain, u jelly?
@#98329 I am invincible, deal with it!

@#98331 I have gotten first on the comment that trollscience provided for us on this comic, just to give you an idea. And also we are tired of your messages. We just want to talk about the comic and have some fun like troll scientists did in 2011. Also guess what! I gave this a like! Well there’s my explanation. (I do gotta admit that you are first on Facebook though but I don’t use Facebook so I don’t care about being jelly of you or not)

I mean do not, not don’t. But that’s still not a reason to be jelly.

Facepalmed. I meant that I do not care if I am jelly or I am wrong or if you are a successful troll. So because of your misunderstanding, the jelly missed me and I am not actually jelly.

Also being an admin is the first step to having true infinite power. So being admin is one of the many things on the quest to being godly. I moderated this comic so that it can go onto trollscience. That is how you can post here. If I had not moderated, your comments won’t even exist. Thank me later.

Oh and besides I am a warrior of a powerful pineapple empire. It is so powerful, that I can just freely say to you that you picked the wrong house and you do not know who your going to be messing with.

@#98331 How long have you stayed with trollscience?

Mr flowers / pinapple is cool he's alright, I'm just a bit concerned for his mental health. I hope you are ok
Pedro is a fag

Nope. Ironically I am allergic to pollen. Suffering penile infection, and coughing and sneezing so much. Heck its the spring season here.

And for my mental health, I am unsure if I am autistic or not. My sibling says I’m stupid and no one likes me because of it. FOREVER ALONE

@#98331 I kind of hope you are jelly cause in this comic I’m the firstest and you are not. This shows that I am a successful troll. If you are a successful troll then I am too so I am not jelly (jealous) that you are a successful troll. The pineapple clan is also mighty, so face us, and you face a troll sized problem.

PS: For the first sentence I said that I kind of hope you are jelly. The rest of the hope goes to Pedro being mad. UMAD?

I am the most commented and the most speculated. Accept the facts my dear fella trollsciencers, I am the king of this domain.

You got a point there. But most of the comments about you are about hating you. Sounds like you are a replica of F.A.G. Like and relationship is very important in power as well. If you can't control a strong army because of people not loving you, then you can't take over trollscience.

Also, how much experience have you gotten in Trollscience (how long was it since you joined trollscience)

Finally, love and like has lots of power as well. It is said love is the strongest force in the world, and like can change how people think of you and it can make u a better god.

Pedro is autistic

@#98346 Talk loving, talk hating, but talk about me! I am a famous troll, see the hater above, it fuels me!

Ok, be yourself. I just want to talk about the comic.

The comic’s purpose is to have fun, ok?

Also, we are all trollscientists, remember?

Windows 2: the sequel to the original.

Yep. It will be so powerful that it can take over gumgum. Gum gum EOLE


You know, I got a windows 7...

I could beat Pedro with my magnets deactivated and my schwoopy loopy arms behind my back.

Yep... by using your Schwoopy loopy legs!

Or I can simply turn my schwoopy loopy arms behind my back into wings and defeat Pedro from the air...

Yep. By using your schwoopy loopy legs and kicking him! Or you can use pineapple weapons like last-first gun, pineapple launcher, and jelly gun.
| _________________
|_| < example of the jelly gun but it has no ammo. (It is sideways but turn it upwards so that the barrel is underneath the name of a person.)

I am writing 52 pararaphs

|=_=_=_=_| Jellygun pointed at Pedro! (The equals signs represent ammo)

-----|_____________|------------- Pedro, meet the Pineapple Cannon, again! (You already know the functionality)

@#98331 You don't even have a fricking account. You are a newpeep.

He said he has been with trollscience since 2010.
Well, he didn't give proof, so how can I conclude?

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