Infinite magnets

Infinite magnets
Uploaded on Apr 15, 2018
Uploader: DornBB

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First!!! I call first!!!!
Facebookfags and anyone below is jelly!!!
Anyone who is not a newfag is fine!!!!!

Reflector jellyshields! Double layers!
Above is infinitely jelly!
Below is safe except Trolols!

(And Pedro)

I made another comic like this but it was about oranges

(And i stayed with trollscience for long so i'm an experiencedfag)

Anyone above this line is jelly

[] This is a particle cannon that shoots jelly at the
[] speed of light. I'm aiming at your name!

I see your light speed jelly particle cannon and raise you a jelly teleporter that teleports jelly right into you
[Power Crystal]---{Jelly}---[Power Crystal]
All powered up and ready to go

Name (optional):


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