DornBB the GOD.

DornBB the GOD.
Uploaded on May 4, 2018
Uploader: DornBB

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Safety. FIRST!

yes i have a problem.
yes i'm jelly.
yes i won a silver medal.
DornBB won a gold.

And I won an antimatter medal. Maybe aliens use those.

nah i think you're third.

nah i call pineapple first

Remember your safety comes first. And make sure your safety is in front of other people’s safety. Then you can say pineapple.

Damn it... a mix up again! What I mean is people, not people’s

Step 1. Buy antimatter.
Step 2. Form it into a nice medal.
Step 3. Sell it, but for twice as much as it cost!
Step 4. Watch as 1st place Olympians get antimatter and you get rich!

But DornBB is always first
(add confused jackie chan meme here.)

I visit in 2018 cos im autistic

unless flaggh flagghs you, then flaggh is furzt.

Anybody above this line who is not a pineapple is deleted.
Anybody below this line who is not a pineapple is deleted.

Pineapples: Safety. FIRST!
Non-pineapples: non-existent in this comment area.

Good thing I joined the pineapple clan before you posted this comment. Now this domain is safe to use for pineapples!


We can edit that big sign up there to say, "Pineapples are always first. You know you're jelly, Pedro."

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