How to be lovable and caring!

How to be lovable and caring!
Uploaded on Apr 11, 2018

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Anyone above the line is jelly!!!!
{Pedro Bait}

If Pedro makes a comment using Facebook it's comfirmed that he's jelly and also a fag and mad and jelly

What a fucking dumb conic desu

@#PedroSilveira You fucking liar. You are not first because it said above line is jelly. Everyone below you commented before you. And since facebook doesn't make you first!!
You need to be in the bro line. And btw, you are a jelly troll. And btw, you didn't even notice the line, you are dumb, and poor.

The awesome range is the area of non-facebook comments.

No magnets.

I am the king of trollscience! Bow down before me.

@#97822 yes my Lord what do you want of me

@#97822 NO you are fuckin not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just think facebook rules.
You're a nobody!
You just want everyone to be mad!
And @#97823 You are a nobody!
I am the king of this portion of trollscience!
You got bankrupt!
You don't notice Trolol can destroy the superior barriers!
I am a very superior device.
Go on try this again.

Who the fuck is Pedro Silveira?? Never heard of him so I can't get in front of him on my knees. I don't even have knees b/c I am a device with thousands of magnets and schoopy woopy arms. You definitely don't have schoopy woopy arms and no magnets. All you care is about being first! So you are an irrelevant person. Ha! Don't even know if you have magnets or schoopy woopy arms or not.

And I really miss DornBB!!!
I want him to come back!!

Pedro, above this line, is deleted from this comment area!

Take that.

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