Infinite bubbles! Worked for me btw

Infinite bubbles! Worked for me btw
Uploaded on May 11, 2018

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First! (Pedro Bait)
Anyone above and below the line who is Pedro is jelly.


Jelly mirror
Lol, Pedro, I commented before you. So you are not first. You butthurt?

The only person here I truly respect in he original cancee or the penis
I forgot the name but it was something about a penis.
I am the king of this domain. Everyone else other than cancee or the penis or something like that, is a fucking far and can fuck off.
I am he king of this domain, please ask me before you can post here. I am monitoring this website 20 hours a day so nothing will pass me. I take screenshots of all comments so if you flag something ill know and ill fuck your ads hard

Pedro is a fucking fag

Safety. First! Pedro is the jelliest thing in the universe! He is so jelly, he is more jelly than jelly itself!

Pedro’s schwoopy loopy arms are no match for mine. Heck, my friends also have schwoopy loopy arms. Your arms are filled with jelly! Take that!

Anyone under the line who supports Pedro or is Pedro is confirmed jelly.

Also, Pedro and his dubs always deserves to be jelly. Have fun playing with the sticky stuff, you Brazilian and his supporterfags.

I am the king of!! I also have infinitely long schoopy loopy arms, and an infinite amount of magnets.

Anyone above the line who supports Pedro or is Pedro is jelly. Jelly Contained. UMAD?

Pedro says he has infinite everything, so that means he is telling us he has infinite jelly and bankrupty

And infinite minus trolly (Means he is normal peep and not troll)

Pedro's arms are schwoopy loopy because jelly was injected into them!

| Insane magnet-top gun! Brings pineapples even above the WINDOW, making them first, making it so pedro is always infinitely jelly!

Also so Pedro is not first. Now the pineapples will be above the line that Pedro posted on facebook.

Since I am now above the window...
Anybody below this who is Pedro or on his team is a gelatin lifeform!

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