How to Run Super Fast

How to Run Super Fast
Uploaded on May 4, 2018

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Um what how is that even trollscience

Am i second since he didn't call it, or am i third?

DornBB is always first. Don' h8 da playa, h8 da game.

Safety. Called it. Pineapples are always first, and I declare that now!

#98138 i want to ask you why you like pineapples so much.

i am da queen

i recommend you be pineapple

Cool! I will try tasting one soon.

It's been long gone since Pedro last commented. He last commented on the 4th. Now it's the night of May 7th.

( �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡Â°) ( � ° �ŸÊ– �¡Â°) ᕦ( �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡Â°) �¡Â°) ( �¡^ �œÊ– �¡) ( ‾ʖ̫‾) ( �¡Â°â•­�œÊ–â•®�¡Â° ) ᕦ( �¡Â°â•­�œÊ–â•®�¡Â° )ᕤ( �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡Â°) ( � ° �ŸÊ– �¡Â°) ᕦ( �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡Â°)ᕤ ( �¡~ �œÊ– �¡Â°) you have been spooked by the lenninator! Post this on 55 comments to stop this from happening ( �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡Â°) ( � ° �ŸÊ– �¡Â°) ᕦ( �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡Â°)ᕤ ( �¡~ �œÊ– �¡Â°) ( �¡o �œÊ– �¡o) �¡Â° �œÊ– �¡ - ( �¡�¡ ° �œ Ê– �¡ °) ( �¡ �¡Â° �¡Â° Ê– �¡Â°

[] Lenninator shield!
[] <-Lenninator exterminator! I'm aiming at your name!

Making troll science or rage comics in general in 2018 is a sign of autism

Surgeons in South Africa announced that they had successfully transplanted the penis of a dead person onto a young man.
The story started when a 21-year old man, whose penis had been “amputated” three years previously, sought medical help. He reported that, during an “initiation ceremony” a few years earlier, an inept surgeon who intended to perform a circumcision cut off not just foreskin but the entire penis.
The South African surgical team reported that during the nine-hour operation they were able to connect the donor penis to the patient despite the three-year interval since amputation. Details of the donor are few but surely his death had to have been quite recent, given the need to transplant any tissue from dead to living as quickly as possible to assure preservation of vital anatomy and function.

@#98214 I approve this message

That is a lot of penis talk.

Sonic will go bankrupt! You jelly sonic? Mad sonic? Heck u can even be the new sonic!

This comic, and several others were created by me. I will be reuploading all these comics on my account, plus extras.
Well, toodles, and always stay trolling!
(oh and btw i'm leaving this site soon lol)

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