Problem? By Trolol Loopsta Beta

Problem? By Trolol Loopsta Beta
Uploaded on May 3, 2018

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First! Although Pedro DID comment before me, he is irrelevant. And very jelly.

@#98110 Nope, I'm famous because im the legend of trollscience. You are nobody! Deal with it!

And we are tired of your antics.

True story.

So you are what you eat, amirite?
Step one: choose a target
Step two: shove jelly into their mouths
Step three: force them to swallow it
They are now jelly
Best troll weapon ever (troll logic included but no magnets unfortunately)

No magnets = no science

Use a magnet to make the launcher.

@#98112 Also, I am the queen of a freaking pineapple empire. Who's the nobody now?

Oh right! Since neither queen pineapple nor Pedro said safety first, SAFETY FIRST! Problemo?

Yes I have a problem

@#98147 Pineapple first! Nope to the jelly 4 meeeeeee

Hehe.. just remember to wear a seatbelt for safety before going to trollscience to comment on random comics.

And why are people talking that you have autism when you visit or post a comic in 2018?

I bet most of you have those little goosebumps that are around the bottom of your bellend between your gland and foreskin.


If that’s true, then it’s probably jelly. Or maybe idk what sense you are making. I also feel autistic by posting this comment. Maybe you are smelling it.

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