CookieMaster99 is JELLY.

CookieMaster99 is JELLY.
Uploaded on May 13, 2018

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First! U jelly brah?

I am the firstest of the firsts, I am the god of troll science.

(:) I'm using this particle cannon that shoots jelly at
{:} the speed of light. I'm aiming at your name!

I will never salute you, Pedro! And DornBB may not go bankrupt! You know, every time someone mentions his name he always comes and comments after that person.

Are u all autistic??? ITS 2018 and youre uploading Troll Science

Nah we just want to see those comics and race against each other by posting "FIRST" and other comments.

Sorry, Pedro, but you didn't say safety. So SAFETY FIRST and there is no denying it. My safety is the very first one so nobody can say safety after. And I'm sorry, Queen Pineapple, but "pineapple first" doesn't count because pineapples can't win the Olympics simply because they can't move. So I'm first! Unless you use the last/first gun.

(Sorry, Queen Pineapple!)(Sorry, not sorry, Pedro!)

New magnet-powered pineapple first gun! Launches pineapples at the speed of light to the top of the chart!

*uses the gun*

Great. You aim at the first comic, I aim at the second. I also feel autistic posting this comment.

I mean comment, not comic. I also feel autistic posting this comment.

Oh man I love a cock in my ass and mouth at the same time and both cum at the same time

I am jelly because Mr. Silveira is always first

Someone is imitating me. I have a feeling it is Pedro. So I am gonna change my name.

Sorry Mr. Flowers I mean second, not first.

Ok fake Flowers thank u for correcting your mistake.

(Changing name) I will be..... Queen Pineapple! Wait that name is already taken... I will uh...(btw the name is not “I am Jelly”)

It’s gonna be.... Anonyhorse!

I am..... I mean, not i’m. My phone is so bad.

Btw I am only jelly if I feel jelly.

I once posted that, "You only are jelly if you feel jelly."

Yea, I knew that. I copied from you. Sorry. Btw i am Mr. Flowers. I only changed my name since someone took my name and tried to use my account to say weird stuff. It's probably fricking Kim Jong-Pedro who is trying to Jellynuke trollscience.

y'all fkin suck jk

Idea... I will jellynuke all the comments! But, only Pedro or his supporters become jelly!

Now that they are jelly, I will delete them from the comment area!
Everyone above or this line who is Pedro or on this team gets all their comments deleted from the comment area! Take that.

Gelatin can easily be sliced.


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