Quads get, u jelly?

Quads get, u jelly?
Uploaded on May 1, 2018
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Pedro is jelly.

Pedro is very jelly. First.

GumGum is jelly.


Pedro is jelly.

Paste the words "Pedro is jelly" on every comment to prove Pedro doesn't have like, all the power in the universe.

Pedro is confirmed jelly.



Pedro is jelly. Said that in my name, amirite?

Pedro always deserves to be jelly. Have fun playing with the sticky stuff, you Brazilian.

Pedro is jelly confirmed

Pedro is very jelly. Last.

Anonyhorse. Funny name! Good job!

Pedro is jelly. Pedro is jelly x2. I can say that all day long.

Okay fine... I give up on this comment area.

@#98502 you jelly?

I guess.

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