Cookiemaster99 is a NEWFAG!

Cookiemaster99 is a NEWFAG!
Uploaded on Apr 5, 2018
Uploader: DornBB

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I'm first! Anyone below except DornBB is jelly!!!!
Cookiemaster99 is infinite jelly!!!

Safety. First! Anybody above is jelly!
Anybody below is safe!

Anyone above and below is jelly!
@#97771 Btw, you're a newfag. Deal with it!!!!

So are you, btw you've been trapped in an area of comments!

Anybody with a face is jelly

@#98090 Who do you think you are??? Slenderman?

Btw I'm just a tiny blob of universe that fell from the sky. I am very lazy. I may look like jelly, but actually i'm a blob of antimatter.

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