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Pedro is jelly he should bow to the pineapples he fakes everything he says he is irrelevant and pineapples will help everybody by making pedro jelly! Pineapples= firstest
Pedro= jelly blob of jelly

The last time I ate a pineapple was 5 years ago and before I thought it tasted awful but now I wanna taste it again. I can’t explain that.

Fact: Pineapples have some kind of acid in them that makes your tounge feel odd

I am Mr. Flowers thank you for telling me because someone is trying to imitate me and I think it’s Pedro.

Learned a few days ago: while you eat a pineapple, it... also eats u

Think it is basically acid from the pineapple which affects your tongue and make it feel like it is digesting your body. In reality it is probably the acid burning your tongue. Or maybe the pineapple is a trap set by the pineapple clan which eats anyone who eats it.

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