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Got First 3 tines in a row! Pedro must be so mad now. I also joined the pineapples!

WAIT I FORGOT Safety And pineapple first!

It was me that pretended to be Mr flowers before hahha he sucks cock

I'm Mr.Flowers. And no, I don't suck cocks. Why do you think that? I'm on the opposite of Pedro's side. Are you teaming up with Pedro?

You just said in the last comic "I am jelly cause pedro is first."

Know what?
Anyone above the line who is Pedro or a Pedro supporter is jelly.
Haha, Me Troll is trapped so Me Troll is now a gelatin life form! Problemo?

Also, If Pedro comments on Facebook, he will be jelly cause of the line so he will not Post on Facebook to avoid being Jelly. Which means there is nobody to comment on facebook and someone else can comment on facebook and take the firstfag spot. He won't have to worry unless he is a Pedro Supporter or Pedro, because of the line in the comment above.

QoTD: what+what=pineapotato

Since when did you start liking potatoes?


@#98395 I'm irish.

Nice to hear that.
Fun fact: most of the comments in this comment area are spoken and typed up by members of the pineapple clan!

Wait until I convince my sister, Princess Pineapple, to join!

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