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First! Jelly, bro?

I called safety first in my last comment

@#97910 U jelly cause i'm always first. Have fun with your jelly!

Everyone above the line is butthurt.


@#97909 I think calling first twice is a bit overkill

Troll Science is too mainstream.

Trollscience isn't all about being first. Second, treat people the way you want to be treated. You kepp calling yourself a king but nobody likes or cares about your selfishness. They shall never bow their shwoopy loopy legs down to you because of your plots to jellynuke everyone and call them fags. Therefore, to the conclusion of logic, you are the one who is supposed to be jelly for compensation to all who is called jellyjams. And... the old jelly shield and mirror. Guys, we need to use that more often.

Also, typing in on facebook doesn't count because facebook isn't direct with the site. So Pedro is confirmed jelly cause facebook logging in is copyrights i think.

@#97975 U jelly 'cause I'm always first.

^or were just tired of your crap

#97977 well i dont wanna start a flame war, but in a few comics, a few people beat you. For example, trolol. You are jealous of him being first and act like you will insult anyone who beats you. All you care is about being the leader of the trolls.

jelly sheild (Just because)

@#98017 U are jelly because I am the greatest! I also got dubs, deal with it!

Well that hurts but I deal with it. And you may be the god of trollscience but I guess you aren’t the god of the universe. Also I can’t bow to you since you don’t live in USA so that means I don’t know you. The conversation just ended.

What am I saying..... I won’t be your slave....I will never be. However I give up, you win, but there are still more people of trollscience to fight. We got hopes, problem?

@#98027 U jelly!

I like jelly. (He he)

However, Mr.Flowers has given up, and the entire trollscience is jellynuked. Fortunately, Pedro steps on a jelly, and is bounced into space and never heard from again. But that doesn't solve everything since everyone, including me, is raging since we are now gelatin life forms. The end.

i really miss DornBB! I want him to come back!

go to trollscience.com/troll/view/8818 to see the greatest troll of all time.

Also, Pedro, i kinda think you aren't bad a lot. But i'm jelly, so how can i conclude?


Hey, I ate all of my jelly, so i have no more jelly on me! 11111one!

And i ended the war, so we can all sleep in peace.

Pedro, you will disappear now.

Pedro has now vanished. Also...

/ ________
/ /(|
The last/first gun. It reverses the comments, making the last person first! The gun, however, does not work on Pedro.

Now I’m first. I salute #98160 for le help.

*i am

Who gets the gun

Also these two comments do not count you're welcome Mr.Flowers

@#98049 And then, the story goes on... Pineapples clear the land of jelly, and everybody is safe! (Except Pedro and this comment doesn't count.)

Can’t we just eat the jelly? Our schwoopy loopy arms get stronger for every jelly that we eat.

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