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TheGame first! Does the sentence before this remind you of the Game? If yes, then you just lost The Game!

I was on Moderation so much, that i kept approving comics and many comics got on the front page one by one. Therefore, we cannot make long lines of comments for each comic.

Sorry Pedro, even though you are above us all, the timing is what makes you first. Since my TheGame first came before yours, then that means I am ultimately first for this domain in general. But you are first in commenting on Facebook.

@#98954 I am above you, therefore, you copied my comment. U jelly? *trollface*

@#98955 No, you copied my comment. Because now it is around 8:40 in the Trollscience time. (The time located on each comment box, located between the name and the reply button.) I posted the first comment in this domain, at 6:00. However, your Facebook comment said 1 hour ago, and since right now is 8:40, you posted around 7:40 which was about one hour since I posted the first comment of this domain.

@#98955 Add on: Actually I mean two hours ago. But it doesn’t matter, since it is 8:45 now and since you posted two hours ago, that means you posted around 6:40. But since the first comment says I posted on 6:00, that still means I posted the comment before you did. Problem?

@#98957 Yeah but we are on trollscience.com. The place where everything is the opposite: who is right is wrong, etc. Therefore, by proving me wrong, you just proved me right! U jelly brah?

@#98958 The saying Whoever is right is wrong refers to the science that we are proving wrong. And the whoever is wrong is the people who made the science that we are proving wrong. The people who studied and did experiments and made theories about the mysteries of earth.
Btw, Trollscience is not the opposite exactly 100% of the time. There are comics that show about digging to the center of the earth to chill out in anti-gravity, and these comics use the same idea that earth pull things to the center, instead of using the opposite of the idea.

@#98960 I'm a troll, foll dee roll, I'm a troll, foll dee roll, I'm a troll, foll dee roll, foll dee roll dee roll deeeee...

@#98961 Everything on Trollscience is opposite, so you said that you are not a troll!
P.S I think I win this battle since you couldn’t say anything more logical about the topic and said stuff that sounds like this room is full of 6 year olds.

@#98962 You fell for my jelly trap. U jelly? *trollface*

|:| Jelly cannon! I am aiming at your name!
|- - - - - |

Fuck you asshole

Fuck you too

Fuck you three

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