Fall through Earth

Fall through Earth
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have fun digging through all that Molten iron :D


tried this today. confirm as working

yes it works!
i madde my home in a hole in the middle of the earth
no gravity is fun!

@#17874, no you wouldn't. This is actually a legitimate idea provided we were able to actually dig a hole through the center of the earth

@#46902, get a friend and a shit load of stuff that doesnt melt. go to oppisate ends (recomend north and south pole to make planet trolling easer). drill down and say your drilling for oil if anyone or thing gets suspisous. wait till both meet at center. add string trolly string threw hole plated with unmeltable materal. sell idea to the U.A. mass profit.

Heat, pressure and air resistance aside, this would only work between the north and south poles otherwise the Coriolis Force would fuck it all up

Pssh, silly trolls! It's not allowed to be troll science if it would actually work. Thus, I demand this be removed, post-haste!

Well, everything is pulled toward the center, so it would just crush you in the center.

I always wanted to do that!!!

my mom won't let me

lame aside from the digging part that would actually work

well this sucks

dont try this guiize, last time i did it (in a heat proof suit) i got stuck in the middle, spent 50 years trying to climb vertically uphill and now im in the oceans. FUCK YOU TROLLFAG!

dont try this guiize, last time i did it (in a heat proof suit) i got stuck in the middle, spent 50 years trying to climb vertically uphill and now im in the oceans. FUCK YOU TROLLFAG!

Combo breaker

People saying this would work are the silly. You would be crushed in the centre of the earth since gravity pushes toward it and wouldnt make it past the middle

well, it works except of the fact tht there is a huge mega ball of fire in the center of the earth

You would not be crushed--the gravitational force at the center of the Earth is 0. Actually, the general expression for the force at any distance r away from the center is simply F = mg*r/R, where R is the Earth's radius. You can use an analogy to Hooke's law to calculate half a period, which comes out to be about 42 minutes to reach the other side of the Earth.

Another theory about it is that you would gather so much speed, you would be jutted out into space uponfalling through the other side.

This could actually work. Once you reach the centre of the Earth you will have enough velocity to reach the same height at the other side.


Surely you'd only be fired out from the middle at terminal velocity. I.e, not enough to reach anywhere near the other side.

this is lacking in "infinite travel!"

Wiley E did it.

Matt H is correct. You would not be crushed. Ignoring air resistance (as physicicts always do cause they can :p ) the potential energy from you -> centre of earth would be converted to just the right amount of kinetic energy to make you pop out the other end. So ignoring air resistance this method could be used to make anyone travel to anywhere in the world from anywhere in 42 minutes (or whatever it is, that number sounds right). But due to air resistance u would swing back and forth past the centre until you eventually got stuck there and melted.

Einsten's grand grand grand kids came to cemment.


@#536 well, no, since there's this thing called terminal velocity. once you reach that point, you simply can't go any faster, so you wouldn't be going fast enough to escape the earths gravity.

bro tip = to get through the center, you would have to start from above the earth's crust (say, from the top of a tower) in order to have enough velocity to clear the earth's crust on the way back up. If you just stepped in, you would not quite make it back out.

throw a rope down first so you can climb up it at the other end

just use a gyroscopic mag-lev transport for easy travel

first use a magma protector u jelly mineers

i tried this and ended up in another dimension where all oxygen is replaced with kittens, and all kittens are repllaced with oxygen, fun stuff


if you drill thru the earth the core and you will get burned bitch

All below line is jelly!
I'm the real cancee! Imposters gonna hate.
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It works if you use a TARDIS. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

The earth has no gravity at the center, and you'd have to get through miles of molten magma.

Use magnets to bypass terminal velocity it works every time.

Its troll science

U fall and slingshot over nine thousand AUs away

gravity pulls you back

@#237 well I did this 1billion years ago and now I have realised my species is almost extinct

U would be burned by the lava stuff

It works, but you’d need good reaction times to get out before falling back in

You can't dig a hole that deep because it's too hot. And even if you did, you'll die because you'll either hit something or burn to death.

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