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Right lads, you are all good guys. I just want to confirm that I am willing to suck all of your dicks. I am serious. You guys are alright. I'm willing to suck and spit and lick or finger your ass if it's clean enough (designer anus)
You think I'm joking, but when you are laid back on your couch with me sucking your dicks, moaning in pleasure, and feeling fabulous, you'll look back at the day you read this comment and think Wow that guy online wasn't actually joking he really is a cock guzzlor. Anyway PM me right away, I'll also let you fuck my anus but that would be chargeable at 100 dolla

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Person 1 is jelly, as stated by Person 2. Person 3 states Person 2 is lying. Person 1 says Person 3 is a genius troll. Person 2 states Person 1 is lying. Who is telling the truth?
The person who makes everyone jelly is person 2. The others are like Person 1. I am Person 3. Come to think of it.

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