Magnetic Repel Love

Magnetic Repel Love
Uploaded on Nov 18, 2010

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Sounds like a good idea, anyone know if it works?

It would also be helpful if you provided some links to where i could get some magnets!!
Thanks again

Won't the magnets in you make the other chocolate bar fly away?

The magnets only start to react well if they both in chocolate bars are already eaten. The charge ion and other possible substances from the body will release the magnets energy effectively.


But then you'z eventually gonna crap them out n she'll start stalking ur face again =

ammazzing one.
rly usefulll in the opposite wayh.

nice one everyone who disagrees is strawberry chocolate cheesepie


can i has revuz?
in his dick?

I will go bankrupt!

It be better for bacwards. If you find a hot chick you can be attracted to her.

First Mothu Flippin Bloppers

She won't know what's coming to her!

Severe case of magnet destruction. Internet police should investigage.

Same rules apply for getting a girl close to you.

Damn i had an ugly girl wanted to be my gf

or u culd kil her

wouldn't the magnets give u food poisoning?

@#11668 You don't need links. Just ste- I mean acquire them!

Looks don't matter much in gf choice, personality is what you want.

vote: trollface +1

Now I can finally keep Destiny away from me.
She kidnaps me alot!
But she is not that ugly.

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