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Uploaded on Jul 9, 2017

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I just approved this troll post
Also....u jelly fake accpunt fags the real cancee
Also....anyone below is jelly
Also....dornbb is a fag
Also....make troll science great again


hi cancee! remember me? i gave you the idea to make real acc way back in 2012. "in b4 gumgum. + first!" remember that, fellow oldfag?

I'm the real cancee all others are fake fags

I grasp my penis lightly at first, slowly stroking the length of the shaft. Then gradually increasing the rhythm, with my hand griping firmly but not too tightly. I'd also pause occasionally to play with the head of my penis with my thumb.
And then I'd rub my penis harder and harder, up and down its silky spine, getting closer and closer to cumming and eventual release of hot, steamy dick snot...

@#96108 if this is the real gum gum then yes i do! Those where the days of trollscience. Whats great laughs we all had.
I accidently misspelled cancer as cancee and thus the legend was born

@#96129 fuck off new faggot green name faggot


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