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Hello trollscience fags! You may remember me from a few months ago when I flagged a certain comment. Anyway, as you know, FLAGGH has not flagged any comments or caused any trouble in a month. I came to this site to see what he has done recently, and noticed his abscence. I asked him about it, and he said that his goal was to destroy the site, and he thinks he did that. Not enough people use the site to be able to moderate any more comics. Because of that, the site is dead. He also said that if the site recovers from his trolling enough to where more comics are uploaded, he will return. And he will show less mercy this time. He is also dying to find out if the anti-FLAGGH comics will be approved or not. He will like the fact that DornBB came back as well.
I just thought that I would give you guys a warning. This is a cool site and it would be a shame if he is able to troll it to oblivion. What happens next is up to you. Sincerly,

@#95692 didnt read LOL

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Trololol FLAGGH's brother can't spell sincerely

Where in the world that I can get that edible tiny Super Man? PROBLEM???

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