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wtf, 9 comics within 3 days??? holy shit new record

Jelly line, all above is jelly
are we getting hacked

looks like somebody dumped the entire modqueue...

holy fuck this is a masterpiece
everyone below is jelly.

Everyone can suck my dick
Everyone can lick the tip
Cancee, cancee penis, domBB, all think about sucking it.


*Penetrates jelly shield*
*Redirects jelly to you*

you can't, your penis is only 1 inch long erect.

For years I have been a honest good working memeber of this fine site. A lot of SHIT has been said about me that's not cool. Really bad stuff. Well you fuckers are going to pay. I have full records of all the shit that's been said about me, and also from people falsely using my name. My Lawyer has all the facts and evidence and you are all going down. I'm real mad. Don't you fuckers think this is a fucking joke. You'll all pay.

I'm an oldfag, problem newfags?

@#94162 one day domBB, you will be on your knees sucking my penis and you'll fucking love it

im an olderfag

fuck off cancee

furst! noone claled! al geeet flagghed! muad?

no trolling
step up ur game m7

@#94163 rn ≠ m

Feeling le bern

This isn't troll science but I upvoted it anyway because it speaks the truth. BERNIE IS A COMMUNIST

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