How to F1

How to F1
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@#89598 genius there. Mixing math and porn..its dangerous work MOFO BUT needs to he done. Lolz gay

I just got an amazing idea. you find out your average amount of strokes to come without porn, say, 300 strokes. you then find out the amount of time you have to masturbate, lets say 5 minutes.
Then you divide the strokes by the time, and you've come up with the amount of SPS (strokes per second) needed to come.
Then you can factor in the hotness of the porn by making up a porn rating scale.
The porn level (PL) goes from 1-10, so you can then factor in the porn level. PL1 = no porn, then it goes up from there.
You can then turn the whole thing into a mathematical formula
[300 - (PL x 10)]/Time = SPS needed]
This determines how fast you would need to fap to come in a given period of time. I dont know what the best way to take strokes off would be, as a porn level 10 would surely take off more than 100 strokes

This could be used to find out the porn level (PL) of various scenes. Lets say we need to find out the PL of the recently released smash hit "Cum in my Ass, Not in my Mouth". All we need to do is isolate the PL variable, so we have
(300 - 10PL)/Time = SPS
300 - 10PL = SPS*TIME
300 - 10PL = Strokes
PL = (300-Strokes)/10
So, lets say it takes you 270 strokes to get off, then that move has a PL of 3. Similarly, 200 strokes is all it takes to get off on a movie with a PL of 10.
This has many useful applications. First of all it limits ambiguation on the five star rating system on Porno Level is an objective way to quantify the hotness of a scene. It will also lead to quicker resolution of disputes. Suppose that your friend thinks that Cris Taliana is a gremlin faced whore, yet you think she is god's gift to man. All you need to do is calculate the aggregate PL of all of her scenes, and you will have the answer to your quandry.

Imagine the possibilities of this kind of research gentlemen! If we could find the right kind of breakthrough, we could revolutionize fapping! Think about it, this is something we all spend the majority of our time doing - our life quality will improve ever so much.
People have been fapping using the old ways for too long! It's high time that we, as citizens of a free and highly technological world, discover a NEW and BETTER way of fapping. For the good of mankind!

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