Troll Booths

Troll Booths
Uploaded on Jul 31, 2014
Uploader: DornBB

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I see how you intend to break the system

no swoopody loopdody
No mad
No gum gum
No magnets
No reference to bankruptcy
I could go on

I GRAbed my penius and stuka HOLE IN IT WIT a NEIL

@#89041 I emma rate hard

serves you right!

Who is domBB

Safety. First!!


Its OK to be gay. It's not OK to be a fag though

i love cock


My first experience with jacking off was with two other boys. we were about 6 years old. one boy had seen his dad humping his mother, and his peter got hard. his daddy saw him with his peter out and jacked him to what felt like an orgasm. he showed the other guy and me so we played with our own peters until we had the same sensation. our curiosity got the best of us when the one boy told about seeing his dad, and the stuff that spewed out. I never seen any body hair. my dad died when I was a baby and my mom never let me see her naked or even sitting in the tub or on the toilet so I was quite naive.


I fucked a nuclear bomb once. It felt so good when the semen mixed with the nuclear stuff. My penis turned blue and fell off. Totally worth it!

@#89064 Okay.......

@#89561 i will burn you...

@#89036 I once fuked a sheep. ( )
You all jelly


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