The Weight of Gold

The Weight of Gold
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too bad you need money to travel

{witty, scientific refutal followed by laughter-ending smugness}

@#20284 It's gravity not magnetism! PROBLEM?!?!?!!!!!111!!!!1111!!!!

@#36988 ssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannss!!


Maybe if we go to a mountain, and buy gold there, we can sell it at the bottom of the mountain for better costs! PROFIT!


i fink vat vis is r8 gay coz sum1 am allreedy dun vis immho

You need infinite motion to transport the gold.

@#20284 Cant tell if trolling or just very stupid

If the earth is wider at the equator gravity would be higher because there is more mass between you and the core

@#42566 Dumbass, that is Krysten font.

to make it more expensive
put some magnetic fillings at the bottom of the gold
and a strong magnet taped at the bottom
it would seem heavier so even more profit!!!!

@#20284 periodic table of elements, Yes it is. So you have fail at the trollscience university.

Wow, this actually works. Some guy tried this before. But, there's only 1 problem. TRAVELING NEEDS MONEY. OH, AND YOU STOLE THIS TROLL-SCIENCE.

Gold is not magnetic you idiot.



buy gold at the moon, sell it in a vacum chamber

That's it, i'm quitting my job.

It worked. What should I do with my 50 billion?

well, thanx to this my family doesn't live on the street anymore.

well, thanx to this I'm no longer black. Thank you troll science!

This is actually quite amazing.

Why would we sell it in vacuum???

Vacuums don't make stuff weigh less moron.

this actually would work, but it would take a while and you'd probably lose more money than you make because you'd have to transport all that gold.

I'll just take my magnet powered car. No worries

A vacuum chamber does not affect gravity. It is just that there is no air there.

You've forgotten one important thing:
People pay more for gold in richer countries! So going to central america gets you the gold cheaper anyway!

centripetal force is greater at the equator thus canceling out the effect of gravity

And all the flight travels back and forward are completely free, huh?

Who needs commercial flights, when you can just get a bro and walk on each other's feet into the sky?

The unit of mass, the gram, is one of the only physical units currently not formally defined except by example, in this case the reference kilogram in Paris. It is from this reference kilogram that copy reference kilograms are made, carefully moved to other countries, and used to create another reference kilogram on-site which is finally used to calibrate production machinery for scale manufacturers. Since these copies are created under influence of local gravity while being formally defined as exactly one kilogram heavy, the resulting local scales measure mass accurately, independent of the gravitational fluctuations.

To pull such a trick off you would effectively have to move your own scales with you and use them to weigh gold, in which case you could use modified scales in the first place, and neither of which would be allowed in an actual gold transaction.

Nah dude, I think you've got your facts mixed up there.

Except that gold is weighed in Troy ounces - it's basically the only good that demands it's own system of measurement.

But yeah, it would still weigh the same. Well, it wouldn't really weigh the same, but what you're using to measure the weight would be just as effected.

@#302 what you could do is you could buy gold commodities in south america and then sell them in alaska

Too bad there isn't much gold in central america...

Fake. You will spend more than the money you get. What about the travel expenses? :D

1)get colony on jupiter 2)sell gold there

trust me,everything is heavy on jupiter
sheild for incoming "your mom" jokes

Heard of magneting planes?@#35666


If you buy enough gold the profits would cover the cost of transportation and other things.
You would just need a shit ton.

1.Use ComicSans font. 2.Repeat this until you overuse ComicSans font. 3.ComicSans will go bankrupt!! U Jelly ComicSansFags?

@#36988 Not comic sans. Problem?

Did I miss the unlimited airplane tutorial?

attach rope that can go around the world to back. pull. you are traveling at the speed of rope.BROTIP:use magnets for fatser pulling.u mad airlines?


This is cooler than DOMBB

DomBB sucks ass, and he knows it!

@#2960 You fucking idiot, International Unit System defines the KILOGRAM as the unit of mass.
what will change if you go to a place with week gravity is the weight, not the mass, because the mass is an intrinsec propiety.
U mad????!!!111!111!

does this work with budder?

The vacuum chamber does effect. You should know this. In science, buoyancy is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object. Know that air is also a fluid. So you weight more in vacuum chamber than in air. Also you could know that you weight less in water then in air. Because of buoyancy gold would be heavier in vacuum chamber. Done.

@#48735 please english

Penis is here, and he wants to eat your gold!


GOLD IS NOT MAGNETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@#95129 usually magnetic gold is fake

Gold isn't magnetic unless iron is mixed inside, so it can't work.

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