Trollar Dollar

Trollar Dollar
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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Strong Bad already did that.

i did that with a tissue
now its $85600000000000000000000000000000.78
ive only spent the $.78
i want to buy something special

Banks will go bankrupt!

i'm sellabutt

this sucks ass...

Thank you for this site. I have been looking for a site with a bunch of these pictures.

dats wat zimbabwe did!

and russia during WWII!

dis be da shit nigga i so win big wit dis shit i be such a pimp that na i kin get me sum bitches, bitch.

well, thanx to this I'm no longer black. Thank you troll science

i'm pretty sure this is called inflation. and it's what germany did post ww1.

Not really science, is it ?

Awesome pimp troll.


In Poland they cut off 4 "0"s to fight inflation

(sigh)if only that worked.:(

Moneyz :D

just make ameirican money into chinese money and repeat

200th disliked...
Do I get a cookie?

There's a reason why writing $900000000000000000000000000 on a dollar bill doesn't work, and this proves it.

Problem poorfags?

Doesn’t work for obvious reasons

That still doesn't count. All you're doing is vandalizing a good 100 dollar bill.

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