Light Mobile

Light Mobile
Uploaded on Oct 2, 2010
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the classic.

the original troll science

@#504 divide photons by zero for infinite photons
ahh... classics... everybody respects them...

Gotta say... every troll science should be like this...


contrary to logic, light will still have the it's normal speed.
We're all getting trolled by nature.
u mad?

Car dealers will go bankrupt!

I find this difficult to masturbate to

The classic

Why waste money on gas, when you could travel in the speed of light for free.


Hmm, this would work, though not as dramatic as represented. Photons have energy -> mass (tiiiiiny) so they will push you forward.

@#504 use magnets to collect light then shoot it


You Jelly, GM?

Woah - blew my mind...


Attach infinit energy generatr to flashlight 4 speed of light travel forever!

Light has no mass, so this wouldn't work.

That's because you're jelly

You're jelly fag

None was confirmed first--

Umad, Newton?

Shwoopy loopy

@#504 Sorry, but no mass.
Fact:Speed of light can expand time to no second so its velocity is infinite m/s
Then it is means 0*infinite = 0
trolly not trolly

@#94486 i made the like 666. holy s***.

Just because fire comes out from thrusters when it pushes something doesn’t mean the same works for light

Light cannot move anything, since it is not matter. Therefore, it cannot push anything unless it was specifically designed to be powered by light. In the case of the ordinary wagon showed in the image, it doesn't work.

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