facebook troll

facebook troll
Uploaded on May 24, 2013
Uploader: polobob

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Nobody likes this! UMAD

suuper fag
I am a superfag

nobody likes this

Waylon that was stupidly shit dude

u cant profit from trolling facebookfags,duh

@#85146 yesh you are! UMADBRO?

rickroled guy goes bankrupt.
comments go bankrupt.


LOL! Nobody likes it! Soooooooooooooooooo trolololol funny!

I like this

LOL Likes have reached over 9000!
btw, I will never be jelly. Problem? ;/)

@#84968 u r now a firstfag
and ur now jelly

i like people faces and sticking my dick up there nose

Care = Nobody

If u do this on Facebook and u mak a acount named GumGum, he will be jelly.

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well I dunno how they go bankrupt or you get profit but super funny. anyone above me is jelly.

U mad💩🎅💩

I hate this, and don't realize it's trollscience and not supposed to be true.

I like this!


OVER 9000!!!!

I smell bad! I am going to destroy this website! This is Leopold Slikk. That's right! I am going to destroy you!


Do u see dat empty bin, there are all the fucks in i give..,


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