Problem, Southwest?

Problem, Southwest?
Uploaded on Nov 16, 2010

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Mix crushed up iron (and other metals magnets attract) with the oil, and wear magnet shoes. You will then hover over the oil. You jelly?

theres something cheaper.. just swimm

Hawai will go bankrupt
u jelly?

safety first

@#33470 ok you can start whenever you want.

No wifin' in the club

i have size infinity dick
U JEALOUS? umad trollhardfags?

Oh yeah, that made me hard alright

fuck me baby


simple, but funny, and very plausible. I shall do this on the 'morrow.

I wish I had Jesus powers :(

This is Fucking Genius

Problem, Jesus?

Be careful not to slip on the oil. Wear firm shoes.

U mad BP?

How do you deal with the sharks?

#7273 mad fagit


well this cannot be possible because you weight more than the oil and the water and... where are the magnets?

U sir, are a genius.

is there a magnet underwater and another one in your stomach or what ? i don't get how this would work

U jelly, transportfags?

chops @#47769's dick at the start

@#33470 yes but thats more exertion than most trolls can handle


^^^^^ @#83673 bring a bag full of oil bottles?

@#7464 actually its not weight that matters its density

oil floats

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